Notice of NMHA Annual AGM

The NMHA will be holding its 2024 Annual General Meeting which is scheduled for April 30th 2024. We will also be holding a special meeting of the membership to make an update to our bylaws.

If a member wishes to present a motion for consideration of the Membership at the Annual General Meeting, you must submit the motion to Helen Tyson, NMHA President ([email protected]) no later than April 5th, 2024.

Please note that the under Section 10.01 of the NMHA Bylaw, the NMHA is not required to consider the motion if:

  • The proposal is submitted after the deadline
  • It clearly appears that the primary purpose of the proposal is to enforce a personal claim or redress a personal grievance;
  • It clearly appears that the proposal does not relate in a significant way to the activities or affairs of the NMHA; or
  • substantially the same proposal was submitted to Members in a notice of a meeting of the members held not more than two years before the receipt of the proposal and the proposal was defeated.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding the submission of a motion, please contact  Helen Tyson at [email protected]

Please also watch for an email regarding the proposed changes to the by-laws as well as an email regarding nominations to the board of directors.