On-ice Helpers Policy

Each year more and more young people are interested in volunteering with our amateur hockey
programs. Most are adolescents who want to collect high school volunteer hours. Others are
young adults looking to take on different roles in hockey.

This has left associations and leagues asking themselves important questions. How old should
these new, young volunteers be? What equipment must they wear? What training do they
require? Etc.

Team officials must use sound judgment when selecting a young person as an on‐ice helper.
Specifically, these decisions must be made from developmental and support perspectives. These
new “helpers” need to learn to provide assistance to other team officials. It is not an
opportunity for older players to get extra ice time.

To provide guidance while ensuring safe opportunities for our young “helpers”, please apply the

  1. An individual who volunteers in an association must be:
    • A Hockey Canada registered player of a minor hockey association or junior hockey
      league, or
    • A Hockey Canada on‐ice official under age 20.
    • This ensures that insurance coverage has been secured.
  2. He/she may only be a demonstrator/helper and is not to provide instruction. He/she may
    not participate in any activities with the players such as scrimmages or drills.
  3.  The individual must be at minimum one age division higher than the team they are
    volunteering with. (E.g. A Bantam‐aged player may help at the Peewee level). He/she is not
    permitted to volunteer as an on‐ice helper with a team at the same or higher age division.
  4. The individual must wear, at a minimum, a CSA certified helmet and facial protection (as
    required by their level of hockey), a BNQ certified neck guard (as required by their level of
    hockey) as well as hockey gloves and skates. Although this is the Branch’s minimum
    requirement, the NMHA mandates full equipment for all players age 14 and under.
  5. An individual who is not a registered team official and who is 16 years of age or older MUST
    complete the Respect in Sport on‐line e‐learning program.
  6. “On‐Ice Helper” is neither a qualification nor a designation to be used in the Initiation
    Program or higher levels. Rather, it is limited to those under age 20 who wish to give
    something back to the game, perhaps become involved in coaching or obtain high school
    volunteer credit hours.