Pathways U9, U10/U11

2023 Player Pathway Practice Skates

The Player Pathway Practice Skate is a series of four skating/practice sessions for players prior to formal evaluation during tryouts or sort-outs. This is an initiative created by Hockey Canada to provide all players in the age groups an opportunity to get back on the ice in a player friendly setting before any formal tryout and sort evaluation.

Each player & goalie will be provided 4, one hour sessions. The sessions are not mandatory and there will be no evaluation at any of the sessions. They are meant to provide an opportunity to touch the ice before the formal season starts and will combine skating, hockey drills and a few small area games.

These ice sessions will run from September 5th to September 12th.

Your child will be placed in a group with other children at either U9 or U11. Groups will consist of players of all different skill levels. In order to be able to control the maximum number of players on the ice, your child must only attend the sessions they are assigned and will not be able to switch to a different hour.

These groups will be communicated to you prior to the start of the sessions.

Full equipment is required prior to any Pathway Skate. Please see NMHA Equipment Guide for the list of equipment and some tutorial videos.

These sessions are coordinated among our competitive and house league programs. This includes:

VP House League: Jennifer Emery, [email protected]

VP Competitive: Jamie Leppard, [email protected]

Director, Development: Vince Wiseman, [email protected]

U9 Division Directors:

House League: Kristjan Murphy, [email protected]

Competitive: Tony Farago, [email protected]

U11 Division Directors:

House League:

Jennifer Emery, [email protected]

Competitive: Kim Delorey, [email protected] / [email protected]

If you have any questions, please send them to the division director as identified above.

For more information on the Hockey Canada Player Pathways, visit:

U9 Pathway:

U11 Pathway:


Arena list –


DayDateVenueStartEndAge Group
Group 1
Wednesday 06-SepBell6:00pm6:50pmU9 Pathway Group 1
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin7:00am7:50amU9 Pathway group 1
Sunday10-SepMinto N8:00am8:50amU9 Pathway Group 1
Tuesday12-SepMinto N5:00pm5:50pmU9 Pathway Group 1
Group 2
Wednesday06-SepSplx 1CancelledU9 Pathway group 2
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin8:00am8:50amU9 Pathway group 2
Sunday10-SepMinto N9:00am9:50amU9 Pathway Group 2
Tuesday12-SepWBB5:30pm6:20pmU9 Pathway Group 2
Group 3
Wednesday06-SepSplx 1CancelledU9 Pathway group 3
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin9:00am9:50amU9 Pathway group 3
Sunday10-SepMinto N10:00am10:50amU9 Pathway Group 3
Tuesday12-SepWBB6:30pm7:20pmU9 Pathway Group 3
Group 4
Wednesday06-SepMinto N5:00pm5:50pmU9 Pathway Group 4
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin10:00am10:50amU9 Pathway group 4
Sunday 10-SepMinto N11:00am11:50amU9 Pathway Group 4
Tuesday12-SepSplx 16:00pm7:50pmU9 Pathway Group 4
Group 5
Wednesday 06-SepMinto N6:00pm6:50pmU9 Pathway Group 5
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin11:00am11:50amU9 Pathway Group 5
Sunday 10-SepMinto N12:00pm12:50pmU9 Pathway Group 5
Tuesday12-SepSplx 15:00pm5:50pmU9 Pathway Group 5
Group 6
Wednesday 06-SepBell5:00pm5:50pmU9 Pathway Group 6
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin12:00pm12:50pmU9 Pathway Group 6
Sunday 10-SepMinto N1:00pm1:50pmU9 Pathway Group 6
Tuesday 12-SepMinto N6:00pm6:50pmU9 Pathway Group 6


DayDateVenueStartEndAge Group
Group 1
Tuesday05-SepMinto-N5:00pm5:50pmU11 Pathway group 1
Thursday07-SepMinto N6:00pm6:50pmU11 Pathway Group 1
Saturday09-SepWBB7:30am8:20amU11 Pathway Group 1
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin9:00am9:50amU11 Pathway Group 1
Group 2
Tuesday05-SepMinto-N6:00pm6:50pmU11 Pathway group 2
Thursday07-SepMinto S5:15pm6:05pmU11 Pathway Group 2
Saturday09-SepWBB8:30am9:20amU11 Pathway Group 2
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin8:00am8:50amU11 Pathway Group 2
Group 3
Tuesday05-SepMinto-N7:00pm7:50pmU11 Pathway group 3
Thursday07-SepMinto S6:15PM7:05pmU11 Pathway Group 3
Saturday09-SepWBB9:30am10:20amU11 Pathway Group 3
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin7:00am7:50amU11 Pathway Group 3
Group 4
Wednesday06-SepWBB5:30pm6:20pmU11 Pathway group 4
Friday 08-SepHoward Darwin5:00pm5:50pmU11 Pathway Group 4
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin1:00pm1:50pmU11 Pathway Group 4
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin10:00am10:50amU11 Pathway Group 4
Group 5
Wednesday 06-SepMinto N7:00pm7:50pmU11 Pathway Group 5
Friday 08-SepHoward Darwin6:00pm6:50pmU11 Pathway Group 5
Saturday09-SepHoward Darwin2:00pm2:50pmU11 Pathway Group 5
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin11:00am11:50amU11 Pathway Group 5
Group 6
Wednesday06-SepWBA5:00pm5:50pmU11 Pathway Group 6
Saturday09-SepSplx 12:00pm2:50pmU11 Pathway Group 6
Sunday 10-SepHoward Darwin12:00pm12:50pmU11 Pathway Group 6
Tuesday 12-SepWBA6:00pm6:50pmU11 Pathway Group 6
Group 7
Wednesday 06-SepBell7:00pm7:50pmU11 Pathway Group 7
Saturday09-SepSplx 13:00pm3:50pmU11 Pathway Group 7
Sunday 10-SepMinto N2:00pm2:50pmU11 Pathway Group 7
Tuesday12-SepHoward Darwin5:00pm5:50pmU11 Pathway Group 7
Group 8
Thursday07-SepMinto N5:00pm5:50pmU11 Pathway Group 8
Saturday09-SepWBB10:30am11:20amU11 Pathway Group 8
Sunday 10-SepMinto N3:00pm3:50pmU11 Pathway Group 8
Tuesday 12-SepMinto N7:00pm7:50pmU11 Pathway Group 8