Pathways U9, U10/U11

2021 Player Pathway Practice Skates

The Player Pathway Practice Skate is a series of four skating/practice sessions for players prior to formal evaluation during tryouts or sort-outs. Each player & goalie has been scheduled for four sessions. The sessions are not mandatory and will not be evaluated. These ice sessions will run from September 7th to September 12.

Group or Team numbers have already been assigned by House League and Competitive Directors. If you have not received a group number, please contact:

U9 House League: Jennifer Emery
U9 Competitive: Tony Farago

U11 House League: Erin Lehman
U10/11 Competitive: Nicole Kingsbury

**Due to limited numbers, switching of ice times will not be permitted, your child must attend their scheduled time only. These ice times will not be evaluated. **

Covid-19 Protocols

Once again, this season the NMHA will be following COVID-19 protocols. Details on the specific protocols can be found on the NMHA website. Please take the time to visit the link.

Please ensure that you fill out a screening form for each player, spectator, or volunteer before attending your session. Screening forms can be found at the following link.

Pathways U9 –
Pathways U10/11 –

**Please be prepared to provide a screenshot or email confirmation of your screening form. Alternatively, a paper form can be downloaded and printed from our website at the above link***

Important Reminders:

  • Please check-in with NMHA staff, upon arrival at the arena with proof of completed Covid Screening form or completed paper form
  • Players should arrive at the arena dressed in as much gear as possible as dressing room space and capacity is limited. Please note all arenas have skate tying areas.
  • Masks must be worn at all times in the facility.
  • Players must provide their own equipment, including player socks and jersey for all skate times.
  • ONE spectator per player will be permitted to each Pathway Skate Time.
  • You may enter the building 30 minutes prior to your ice time, spectators must remain outside the facility until 5 minutes before ice time, unless assisting player with skate tying.
  • You must leave the facility immediately after your scheduled ice time, gatherings in the foyers/hallways are not permitted.

If you have any questions, please send them to the division director as identified above.

For more information on the Hockey Canada Player Pathways, visit:

U9 Pathway:

U11 Pathway:



TuesSept 7thWBA6:00 PMU10/U11 Path Group 1
7:00 PMU10/U11 Path Group 2
8:00 PMU10/U11 Path Group 3
TuesSept 7thWBB5:30 PMU9 Path Group 1
6:30 PMU9 Path Group 2
7:30 PMU9 Path Group 3
TuesSept 7thNSPLX 15:00 PMU9 Path Group 4
6:00 PMU9 Path Group 5
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 10
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 11
TuesSept 7thMANOTICK6:00 PMU9 Path Group 6
7:00 PMU9 Path Group 7
TuesSept 7thMRC-N7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 8
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 9


WedSept 8thWBA5:00 PMU9 Path Group 7
6:00 PMU9 Path Group 6
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 8
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 9
WedSept 8thWBB5:30 PMU10/11 Path Group 4
6:30 PMU10/11 Path Group 5
7:30 PMU10/11 Path Group 6
WedSept 8thNSPLX 15:00 PMU9 Path Group 1
6:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 7
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 10
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 11
WedSept 8thNSPLX 25:15 PMU9 Path Group 2
6:15 PMU9 Path Group 3
7:15 PMU9 Path Group 4


ThuSept 9thWBA6:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 5
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 6
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 7
ThuSept 9thWBB4:30 PMU9 Path Group 6
5:30 PMU9 Path Group 7
6:30 PMU10/11 Path Group 8
7:30 PMU10/11 Path Group 9
ThuSept 9thFred Barr W5:30 PMU11 Path Group 3
6:30 PMU11 Path Group 4
ThuSept 9thMRC-N6:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 10
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 11
ThuSept 9thMRC-S5:15 PMU9 Path Group 5
6:15 PMU11 Path Group 1
7:15 PMU11 Path Group 2


FriSept 10thNSPLX 15:00 PMU9 Path Group 3
6:00 PMU9 Path Group 4
FriSept 10thNSPLX 17:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 3
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 4
FriSept 10thNSPLX 25:15 PMU9 Path Group 7
6:15 PMU9 Path Group 6
7:15 PMU10/11 Path Group 8
8:15 PMU10/11 Path Group 9
FriSept 10thMRC-N5:00 PMU9 Path Group 1
6:00 PMU9 Path Group 2
7:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 1
8:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 2
FriSept 10thMRC-S7:15 PMU10/11 Path Group 10
8:15 PMU10/11 Path Group 11


SatSept 11thBell8:00 AMU9 Path Group 5
9:00 AMU9 Path Group 1
10:00 AMU9 Path Group 2
11:00 AMU9 Path Group 3
12:00 AMU9 Path Group 4
1:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 5
2:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 6
3:00 PMU10/11 Path Group 7
SatSept 11thMRC – N8:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 1
9:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 2
10:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 3
11:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 4


SunSept 12thNSPLX 18:00 AMU9 Path Group 5
9:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 5
10:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 6
11:00 AMU10/11 Path Group 7
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