Goalie Equipment Rental

Goalies are essential to every team. And with our rental program, you budding goalie can try the position without having to fully commit financially to an entire set of goalie gear!

Full rentals include – goalie pads, trapper and blocker, and chest protector. You can rent individual pieces if required as well.

Regular season:
U9 – U11 – $100 
U13 – U15 – $150 
U16 – U18 – $200 

U9 – U11 – $50
U13 – U15 – $75  
U16 – U18 $100 

One month in summer:
U9 – U11 – $25
U13 – U15 – $50 
U16 – U18 – $75 

Individual items:
Pads – 50% of the stated fee 
Glove sets – 50% of the stated fee 
Chest protectors – 25% of the stated fee 

Security deposit (regardless of the rental period):
Full sets – $100 
Partial sets or individual items – $50

Please note that your player will still require the following to be purchased (acquired) on their own:

  • hockey/goalie pants
  • skates (goalies skates are recommended as they are more protective)
  • jock (goalie jocks are recommended)
  • helmet (goalie helmet recommended as they are more protective)
  • goalie throat protector (lexan material)
  • neck guard
  • goalie stick

Please contact Lorne Wilkinson ([email protected]) for more information and to rent a goalie set!