Refund Policy 2023-2024


Withdrawal prior to August 15 full refund minus $25 admin fee. 

Withdrawal from August 16th to the start of the season (this refers to the first time the player participates in tryouts/sort outs and the date varies depending on the level registered) * – refund equal to 75% of registration fee.

* The season is deemed to have begun on the date/time of the first competitive tryout/house league sort out for each age group. For pathways participants (U9 and U11), this policy becomes effective on the date/time of the first pathway skate for that age group.

Withdrawal once a player is placed on a team – refund equal to 50% of the registration fee once proof has been received that jerseys and all other NMHA property have been returned. 

Withdrawal on or after December 1st – no refund.

*Withdrawal from competitive tryouts and conditioning are subject to their own refund policy. (see link below)

The NMHA will consider exceptions to this policy in the event of a season-ending injury accompanied by a doctor’s note.  Contact [email protected]. 

All refunds will be calculated from the date the request for a refund email was received by the Registrar at [email protected] 

There are no refunds or partial refunds for ice times/games missed

Tryout refund information