Volunteer Letter

Anyone aged 18 or older who is volunteering with the NMHA must obtain a valid Level 3 – Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from Ottawa Police Services (OPS).   Please note: vulnerable sector checks must be conducted by the local Canadian police service where an applicant lives. To apply for your Level 3 – VSC:

You received your VSC back from OPS, now what?

How long is my record check valid for?

  • a VSC is valid for three years from the date of issue from OPS

I forgot when my VSC expires.  How can I check this?

  • send an email to risk.safety@nepeanminorhockey.ca to enquire on the expiry date of your VSC.
  • please provide your full legal name that would have been used on your VSC application

Volunteer letter from NMHA

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