NMHA Competitive Tryouts 2021-2022

Thank you for your interest in the NMHA competitive program. Given that we missed our regular competitive season last year we thought it may be beneficial to provide parents and prospective players a short outline describing the competitive tryout process followed by the NMHA.  

New this year is the implementation of the Hockey Canada Pathways program which applies to players from U9 to U11. As part of this program, players will be given the opportunity to participate in 4 un-evaluated skates prior to the beginning of tryouts.  These skates will take place between September 7 and 10. Times will be emailed to the participants prior to the first ice time. 

Tryouts for U12 to U15 begin on August 28th and tryouts for U11 and younger begin on September 11. Once tryouts begin, players will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 tryout ice times depending on the level.  Prior to the first tryouts, parents and players will receive an email indicating which tryout team the player has been assigned to within the player’s age group. Players are expected to be in attendance at the time assigned to his/her tryout team. The initial tryout ice times are posted on the NMHA website at  

Upon arrival at the initial tryout, players will be provided with a tryout jersey and assigned a number for the duration of the tryout schedule. The initial tryouts will be attended by the head coach as well as independent NHMA evaluators to assist with the assessment of the players.  After the initial tryouts, cuts from the AA team will be made and players will be released or asked to be a part of the continuation for the A and B team tryouts as applicable for the levels where A and B teams will be formed.  Parents and players will be informed via the continuation website where player numbers will be posted notifying players regarding the results of tryouts and instructions on where/when to attend next, if applicable. After the initial tryouts, players are asked to attend only those tryouts for which they have been directed to. Continuations are planned for the week following the initial tryouts. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate convenor.  Convenor emails can be found at  We kindly ask that you do not email the head coaches directly.  Thank you and good luck!  


NMHA Competitive Committee  

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