District Chair: What’s a District Chair?

The areas of this job that most frequently touch the NMHA’s membership relate to discipline and affiliation. In all matters relating to suspensions and player eligibility, the NMHA follows the HEO Minor Code of Discipline and the HEO Minor Rules and Regulations. Please check the respective website for details on both. It is the district chair´s job to ensure that these measures are followed.

District 10 Nepean, District Chair:
email: [email protected]

Branches and Associations

Hockey Canada administers hockey through 13 Hockey Branches, located in every province. In Ontario, due to our large numbers, there are 3 separate Branches: Hockey Northwestern Ontario (HNO), the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF), and Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO).

Within each Branch, there are one or more Minor Hockey organizations. In Hockey Eastern Ontario, there is one, called Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor (HEO Minor). The HEO Minor itself is subdivided into 10 Districts, of which Nepean is one. Each District is under the responsibility of a District Chair, who ensures that their District abides by the Rules and Regulations of all of the governing bodies. Each month, the HEO Minor Executive, all 10 District Chairs, and representatives from the various Leagues and Hockey Eastern Ontario meet to discuss issues and plans for minor hockey in Ottawa.

More details on the Districts, the HEO Minor, and Hockey Eastern Ontario can be found by visiting the HEO Minor website.


Whenever a player or team official is assessed a penalty that calls for removal from the game, the head coach is responsible for ensuring that the appropriate people are notified.

For NMHA House teams, that means the House Director responsible for Discipline

For NMHA competitive teams, that means the League Convenor and the Competitive Committee member responsible for discipline.

Once that is done, a copy of the game sheet must be faxed to 613-825-1591 or dropped off at the hockey office, within 24 hours of the penalty.

Any coach who plays an ineligible player (i.e . one who is under suspension), receives an automatic 3-game suspension and the team loses any points earned. All suspensions take effect immediately regardless of any appeal which may be launched.


Affiliation can be complex to lay out in a few words. Basically, the NMHA is a Club System, meaning all players are automatically affiliated with teams older or at a higher level. There are special circumstances relating to House affiliation. If you have any doubt, please send us an email. The penalty for playing an ineligible player is 5 games for the head coach and the team will lose all points gained.