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ATOM A - TEAM DESTROYERS - Winners at the Autumn Classic Tournament-Lindsay On

The team went undefeated in the tournament and won against Dorchester Dragons in the Finals 4-3! Players gave it their all and our goalie played exceptionally well.

Coach: Marcel Legault, Assist Coaches: Nuno Bellem, Stuart Ginn, Derek Smolkin, Trainer: Rob McConnell, Manager: Kim Bellem

The NMHA 2018 AGM Awards- House League

The NMHA would like to congratulate the following volunteers on the awards they received at this years 2018 AGM.

House League

A Coach of the Year  - Pat Crawford
B Coach of the Year  - Jason Lehman
C Coach of the Year - Kevin Smith
Manager  of the Year - Steve Brown
Trainer  of the Year - Steve Laflamme
Midget B Goalie - Matthew Billyard
Volunteer of the Year - Darcy Bronson

New Repeat-Penalty Rule for House League

Effective January 6th 2018, the NMHA will be piloting a new policy at the House League Bantam and Midget Levels of hockey. This policy does not apply to the Competitive program.

The full policy is posted under House League polices, but in Summary the policy states that any player who receives three minor infraction incidents during a game will be ejected for the remainder of the game upon receiving their third penalty.

Please read the full policy for a list of all infractions and considerations.

This policy is meant to act as a deterrent for players who are receiving multiple penalties and to hold them accountable for their on-ice behaviour . It also provides coaches with a tool to calm repeated and escalating tensions on the ice. Multiple associations within HEO Minor have implemented this rule with great success, including the entire Bytown District.

This pilot will be in effect for the remainder of the season including playoffs, semi-final and final games, and will then be evaluated at the end of the season by the board.

Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to VP House League, Helen Crawford at

Link to new policy: Repeat Penalty Rule (3 infractions)

New House League Policies

The NMHA has updated the house league policies with additional new policies.

Go to House League policies page now to review these new policies.

Rogers Hometown Hockey Parade of Champions

This is what's happening during the day for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Site Schedule

Sunday Site Schedule

Parade of Champions -

Nepean- Sunday November 4th @ 5:45 PM

Festival Location: Algonquin College – 1385 Woodroffe Ave, Ottawa, ON
(Lot 8 in front of Student Commons / E Building

Click on Map

Parade Meeting Location: The yellow star

Parade Ending Point: The red star in front of Mobile Studio
Time to meet for parade: Sunday November 4th @ 5:45 PM @ Designated spot on photo
Parade: The parade will begin at 6:00PM. Teams will be filmed marching through the festival site and towards the Sportsnet Mobile Studio. Our Hometown Team will lead the parade route. The parade will take place right before the Rogers Hometown Hockey Pre-Game Broadcast with Ron MacLean and Tara Slone live on Sportsnet. Please show your team spirit by wearing your team jersey and making signs!


If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact
Jessica Wyant - (416) 988-3911

Hometown Hockey is looking for volunteers!

This is what's happening during the day for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Site Schedule

Sunday Site Schedule

Hometown Hockey is looking for volunteers!

Hometown Hockey is coming to Nepean Nov 3 & 4th!  They are looking for volunteers to help with various activities.  In return, we are running 50/50 draws and collecting donations from popcorn giveaways to help the  NMHA purchase new jerseys for our kids!  What a fantastic opportunity!  Below are the times and jobs that need volunteers.  Please everyone lets show them how amazing our hockey spirit is and sign up today!

Please email with your available times. You will then be contacted by the on site organizers.


Volunteer Descriptions

 Clean Up Crew –

•                     o Assist with maintaining and cleaning the festival grounds throughout Saturday & Sunday of festival hours         

•                     o Pick up any garbage on site, change garbage bins, etc.

•                     o Hometown team will provide garbage bags and gloves

Shifts are Saturday 12-3 and 3-6  Sunday 1-4, 4-7 and 7-10 (if a team signs up for this 7-10 shift they will receive a 250$ honorarium from Hometown Hockey)


Popcorn Crew –

•                     o Assist with handing out popcorn to consumers in the Rogers Fan Hub

•                     o All donations from consumers buying popcorn will go directly towards the MHA – we think it is a great idea to have a few kids in their jerseys handing out popcorn to be the face of Minor Hockey and get everybody excited to celebrate Minor Hockey

Shifts are Saturday 1130-3, 230-6.  Sunday 1130-3, 3-6,and 6-10


50/50 –

•                     o *Volunteers helping with 50/50 must be 18 years or older to handle money and sell 50/50 tickets*

•                     o These volunteers will assist with roaming around the festival grounds promoting 50/50 and again celebrating Minor Hockey as some of the proceeds go towards the MHA

•                     o We encourage kids to still help with the 50/50 they can help roam and promote the 50/50 by telling consumers about it but not handling any of the equipment or money

Shifts are Saturday 1130-3 and 230-6.  Sunday 1130-3, and 230-6

2018 House League Sort Outs

We hope that everyone managed through the weekend without any damage to their homes and that you are all safe.

First, We apologize to any family who showed up at an arena for House League sort outs, only to find the rinks were closed.  We did our best to update everyone via our social media channels, however we did not have the capacity to send out mass emails.  Directors did their best to notify as many as they could, but we realized reaching everyone was not possible.  For future reference, please be sure you are following us on social media Facebook: @NMHAHockey and Twitter @NepeanHockey, for any news, announcements etc. 

Secondly, We do not have the ability to reschedule missed sort out ice time, so we will be forming teams based on the information we already have from previous sort outs.  We will be looking closely during the balancing process to ensure that everyone is placed accordingly and will make any necessary movements during this process.  We ask for your patience during this time as we work to ensuring fair and balanced teams for everyone.

Thank you,
Helen Crawford
Vice President, House League.



SALE FROM 10:30 TO 12:30 PM


Equipment Form

Hockey Rinks-Schedules-Info (Power Outage)

Please Note we will be updating info on a regular basis for Rink and Hockey Schedules

Please keep checking for more information. Thank you for your patience.

Please also keep checking NMHA Facebook /Twitter Pages for info as well

NMHA Twitter NMHA Facebook

NMHA House League Camps, Goalie Camps and Power Skating 2018

***Please Note the Schedule has been updated Sept 1***

Please open the attachment for the schedule.

Please Email for more information.

Round Robin Format - House League

The top four teams from the round robin playoff games will advance to the semi finals. In the case where teams are tied in points, the tie is broken and position determined by the following rules: Round Robin Tie Breaker:

Tie Breaker Policy

If two or more teams are tied in points at the conclusion of the round robin, ties will be broken in the following order of precedence: (once a tiebreaker has been applied it will not be revisited)

  1. Team with most round-robin wins overall;
  2. Winner of Head to Head (applicable if only two teams are tied; If three teams are tied it will be the team with the best point record in round robin games among the tied teams only)
  3. Team with best Goal Differential in Round Robin play: goals for (GF) divided by goals for (GF) plus goals against (GA)
  4. Team with most goals for (GF) in round robin play;
  5. Team with least goals against (GA) in round robin play;
  6. A single coin toss

NMHA House League Eliminates Bodychecking

The NMHA Board of Directors passed a motion to eliminate bodychecking from all House Divisions, effective the 2012-2013 season.

The Board did so for the following reasons:

  1. Lack of interest by NMHA members: Unlike prior years, in 2011-2012, in Bantam and Midget, it was very difficult to find enough players for bodychecking teams. Some of these teams fell to 11 or 12 skaters on their roster. With the amount of ice available, all House teams must have at least 15 skaters per team. By contrast, the non-bodychecking divisions at these age levels were overfull.
  2. Lack of House bodychecking programs within the HEO Minor: Only two Districts out of 10 maintain bodychecking at House and there is a motion under consideration in one of them to remove all bodychecking divisions in their House League. On top of that, Kanata has eliminated bodychecking, so the interlock agreement with them must not include any of our bodychecking divisions.
  3. Removal of House bodychecking outside of the HEO Minor: The OHF, with almost half of the hockey players in Canada, banned bodychecking in all of their House Leagues, affecting nearly 200,000 players.
  4. Lack of bodychecking tournaments: These tournaments have been hard to find, due to the changes noted above. Within the HEO Minor, a number of tournaments switched from bodychecking to non-bodychecking during the season, due to lack of interest.

The NMHA has tried different configurations of bodychecking divisions with little success over the past 5 years. These included A divisions only, A and B divisions, and split A and B divisions. This has been very difficult and stressful for our volunteers, making it all that much harder to find convenors and directors. It was time to make a decision and establish some stability in our Bantam and Midget House divisions.

It is the unquestioned right of any member to bring a motion to the floor of the AGM to change our rules and regulations. It is also important that the NMHA Board ensures that decisions on any motion are well-informed.

Helmet Regulation

The HEO Minor, our Branch governing body, adopted Regulation 13 in 1999 for all people on ice during practice.

Approved helmets are mandatory!

Coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, managers, and any parent volunteers must wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet and it must be fastened correctly. There are no exceptions to this rule.

NMHA House League Program

Bodychecking Information Sheet

Manager's Manual

House League Mentoring Staff

Coach Mentor:

Goalie Mentor:
Ken Lothian

Suspension Reporting

NMHA Officials Compliment/Complaint Form

NMHA New Officials Application Form 2018-2019

Affiliation Request

Respect in Sport - Parent Program

Gender Identity and Expression Course

Available Ice