September 28, 2021

U15 Continuations 2021-2022

Welcome to the U15B Tryout website!

The coaching staff would like to thank all players for trying out for the U15-B Nepean Raiders.  A very deep pool of talented players made our decisions extremely difficult.

Introducing the 2021-22 U15-B Nepean Raiders!

335, 338, 340, 345, 347, 411, 502, 503, 507, 509, 510, 513, 517, 519, 521, 606, 607

Please attend our first practice Saturday, September 18, 7:00PM-7:50PM, Nepean Sportsplex 1

Additional information will be provided from your coach in the coming days.

Further information on House League sort-outs can be obtained on the NMHA website and/or by contacting the House U15 Division Director. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming season!