Section 5 – Game-Related Information and Reporting

Game Sheets

Game sheets are provided free of charge from the hockey office for all league games. Additional game sheets can be purchased from the hockey office for a fee.

The home team is responsible to see that the game sheet is made out in plenty of time to give the opposing team the opportunity to fill their section out before game time. Names can be printed, or labels made.

Game sheet labels can be generated and printed off your home computer. Avery template #5163/#8163 works well.

The home team is responsible to obtain a copy of the game sheet after the game and ensure the Division Director receives a copy. It can be handed in to the hockey office during office hours, or slid under the door if the office is closed.

Game sheets from tournaments must also be submitted – either a paper copy or scanned / photo emailed.

The home team is responsible to update the game score in the House League Ice System as soon as possible following each game.

The Head Coach needs to check the game sheet after the game for suspensions of players or coaches. The suspensions must be reported immediately to the District Chair, the Director and Convenor. It is then the Head Coach’s responsibility to ensure the suspension is served.



All suspensions must be reported as indicated below within 24 hours of the infraction, or if in a tournament, before your next game.

HEO has a Code of Discipline (CoD) for minor hockey that must be adhered to by all Associations within the District. The CoD can be found on the HEO Minor website at Team staff should become familiar with the CoD as the responsibility for ensuring it is followed rests ultimately with the Head Coach and team officials.

All suspensions must be reported to [email protected] immediately along with the Director and Convenor. Game sheets showing the offence must also be scanned and emailed to the suspensions email address. If teams are unsure as to whether an infraction is suspendable, it should be reported to err on the side of caution.

Any of the following must be reported:

  • Misconducts (M)
  • Game Misconducts (GM)
  • Gross Misconducts (GRM)
  • Match Penalty (MP
  • Game Ejection (GE)

Please see the discipline chart on the HEO Minor website

Reporting a Suspension

  1. Notify immediately [email protected] and the Divisional Director and Convenor of the suspension.
  2. Game Sheet: Provide a legible scanned emailed copy of the game sheet showing the infraction.
  3. Suspension reporting will be done online by the District Chair through the suspension reporting database. All suspendable infractions against players and team officials will be entered into the database. The suspension reporting database will determine the minimum suspensions (if any) and notify all applicable discipline representatives.
  4. Suspensions served must also be entered on the game sheet. The game sheet is the official record of the game. It proves that a player has served a suspended game.
    1. Cross the suspended player off the game sheet and write “Susp” beside the name.
    2. At the bottom of the game sheet under the Suspensions section, please ensure the player’s name is written, along with the number of games served/number of games suspended. Example: 1 of 2, or 2 of 2.
    3. Referees will validate this by initialling the game sheet.

It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to ensure suspensions are served. A player under suspension who appears in a game results in an automatic disciplinary hearing for the Head Coach before the HEO Minor Council Discipline and Appeals Committee under HEO regulations for minor hockey. Appeals will only be heard for suspensions of 3 games or more. You can ask for a review of the call as it applies to the increment. Requests for review or appeals must be submitted to Wayne Arhronson at HEO [email protected]. The fee for a review is $150 and the fee for an appeal is $225. If the appeal is won, half of the fee will be returned. Note that any suspension remains in effect until an appeal is heard. For further information contact [email protected].

House League Discipline Policy

This policy can be found in its entirety on the NMHA website under House League Policies.

Discipline happens at various levels within the NMHA and outside of it. This policy is aimed to provide a process for managing discipline at the team level for infractions that are not part of the official game record. All issues that are part of an official game record are dealt with by the officials at the time of the infraction, and if necessary the NMHA and the HEO Minor Code of Discipline.

Players are expected to adhere to the NMHA Code of Conduct. Any player who fails to comply with the Code of Conduct may face disciplinary action in the form of the following as deemed appropriate.

  1. A written warning given to the player and parents outlining the incident and/or a meeting with the player and parent.
  2. The player may be benched for a period of time during a game.
  3. If the incident is considered severe the Head Coach may decide on a team-imposed game suspension.
  4. On-going violations of the Code of Conduct will result in the player facing an NMHA disciplinary hearing, that may result in further suspensions.

All actions taken by the Head Coach against a player for violations of the Code of Conduct must be documented in writing and submitted to the Divisional Director and the VP House League within 24 hours. Any action resulting in team-imposed suspensions must be done in consultation with the Director and the VP House League.

Any coach-imposed suspensions may be appealed to the NMHA within 48 hours of receiving said suspensions.

Examples of infractions that may result in coach-imposed discipline include but are not limited to:

  • Incidents of offensive, abusive, racist or sexist comments or behaviours directed towards other including coaching staff, teammates, officials, opposing players, spectators or parents.
  • Repeated unsportsmanlike conduct such as angry outbursts, arguments, etc.
  • Repeated incidents of disrespectful behaviour toward others including coaching staff, teammates, officials, opposing players, spectators or parents.
  • Action resulting in property damage or that could endanger the safety of others.

House League Tie Breaker Policy

This policy can be found in its entirety on the NMHA website under House League Policies.

If two or more teams are tied in points at the conclusion of the round robin, ties will be broken in the following order of precedence: (once a tiebreaker has been applied it will not be revisited)

  1. Team with the most wins overall;
  2. Winner of the Head-to-Head (applicable only if two teams are tied. If three teams are tied it will be the team with the best point record in round robin games among the tied teams only);
  3. Team with the best goal differential (goals-for divided by goals-for plus goals-against) in round robin play; 
  4. Team with the most goals-for in round robin play; 
  5. Team with the least goals-against in round robin play;
  6. A single coin toss.