Section 3 – Volunteers, Course & Clinic Information

Volunteers for House League – General Information

[email protected]

House league teams will require the following volunteers:

  • Head Coach
  • Assistant Coach(es)
  • Trainer
  • Manager

Other optional roles:

  • Treasurer
  • On-ice help

Positions that must be included on the official team roster and therefore are insured with Hockey Canada are: Head Coach, Assistant Coach(es), Trainer, Manager and on-ice help.

The NMHA will cover Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO)/Hockey Canada insurance for the following number of house league team staff:

  • U7: 4 volunteers per team
  • U9: 4 volunteers per team
  • U11-U18: 5 volunteers per team

Additional team staff are permitted, provided the team covers the HEO insurance fee(s). The NMHA will only reimburse for clinics/courses for the specified allotment of staff members.

All rostered volunteers for house league teams must:

  • Read and review Rowan’s Law concussion awareness resources.
  • Complete the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program online course. *Note there is also a Respect in Sport Parent Program. Volunteers must complete the Activity Leader program.
  • Complete Gender Identity & Expression training. This is a mandatory free online course.
  • Complete HU: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey. This is a mandatory free online course.
  • Complete a Police Record Check (Vulnerable Sector). Any fees for this are the responsibility of the volunteer.
  • Accept the NMHA Code of Conduct.
  • Accept the NMHA Police Record Check Policy.
  • Clinic information schedules and registration can be found on the Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO) website at

In addition to the above, Coaches must successfully complete the Coach Level course. Which clinic will depend on the level being coached:

  • HU Online: Online E-learning for Coach Level 1/2 (approx. 6 hours) – there is a fee for this course
  • Coach Level: 1-day clinic in class, with 2 hours on-ice

It is highly recommended that at least one Assistant Coach have part 1 and 2 of the coach training.

Trainers must complete the general requirements as well as a Trainer Level 1 online course. Every team needs to have a certified Trainer on the bench at all times. Teams have until the end of December to get would-be trainers certified. For games and practices occurring before a trainer is certified, teams can ask the opposing team trainer to cover them should someone need to go out on the ice to check on a player. Trainers are allowed behind the bench until their course is taken, but not on the ice. All
trainers walking on to the ice surface to check on a player must wear a helmet. Be sure to have a spare helmet as part of the team trainer kit.

Courses & Clinics – Description

Rowan’s Law Concussion Awareness Resources

On July 1, 2019, new rules came into effect through Rowan’s Law, to improve concussion safety in amateur competitive sport.

If you are an athlete under 26 years of age, parent of an athlete under 18, a coach, team trainer or official and your sport organization has advised that you need to follow the rules of Rowan’s Law you need to:
• Review any one of Ontario’s official Concussion Awareness Resources before registering or serving with the NMHA; and
• Review the HEO Concussion Code of Conduct; and
• Confirm that you have reviewed both of these resources every year with the NMHA.

Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program

Respect in Sport is a mandatory training program for all volunteers working with youth in minor hockey including coaches, managers and trainers. There is also a parent program that is mandatory for all new-to-hockey parents at any level. They are not the same, and even if volunteers have already taken the Parent program, they still have to complete the Activity Leader program. To visit the Respect in Sport website and read more about the programs, go to

  • Coaches, Managers, Trainers & On-Ice Helpers: To register for Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program, visit Please be sure to select Nepean Minor Hockey Association (NMHA).
  • Parents: To register for the Respect in Sport Parent Program, visit
    • For all new-to-hockey parents at any level: One person per household must complete the Respect in Sport Parent program
    • When registering: be sure to enter in each child’s name and birthdate, so that successful completion of the program

Gender Identity & Expression Online Course

HEO, along with Hockey Northwestern Ontario and the Ontario Hockey Federation is pleased to offer a training program for team officials to support trans-inclusive hockey in Ontario, understand discrimination based on gender identity and provide gender expression training. Officials will register for this free online course via the HEO website. This process started in 2013, when a complaint to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario was filed against Hockey Canada alleging discrimination in services based on gender identity.

HU: Planning a Safe Return to Hockey

This free, online course examines the protocols involved to facilitate a safe & healthy return to play in
the COVID-19 environment.

Hockey University (HU) Coach 1/2 Online

For Hockey Canada members wishing to become a certified coach, their first stop will be Hockey
University. This engaging, interactive online platform provides the baseline of information needed, and
it’s all done conveniently online. This is a pre-requisite to attending the in-class/on-ice Coach Level

Coach Level

Coach Level is designed for coaches working with players at the recreational level. The clinic is a oneday event. Participants will be presented with learning opportunities in both classroom and on-ice settings. Approximately 6 hours of in-class will be supplemented with a 2-hour on-ice session to cover key topics such as practice planning, communication, teaching techniques, preparing for game day and long-term player development.

Note: Volunteers will need to bring their skates, hockey gloves, helmet, hockey stick along with pen and paper. Participants are required to successfully complete the online course HU Online Coach 1/2 prior to attending the in-class session.

Trainer Clinic

Trainers must have successfully completed the Trainer Level 1 online course. Exemptions are not granted to anyone (e.g., nurses, paramedics), as the nature of this course is a “risk management” course – not a First Aid course. Volunteers that have successfully completed the course will receive a receipt and certificate of course completion via email.

Any individual who has the following professional qualifications, certified to work in Canada and is practicing, can be granted a Level 2 status:
Registered Nurse – occupational Heath Nurses – Chiropractors – Physicians – Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) – EMCA Certified – CATA/NATTA – Military Medics (valid for 2 years from end of service date) (Qualifications must be licensed in Canada) – Physiotherapist – Dentist – Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) – Podiatrist.

If you have your First Aid/CPR through your place of employment, please email Jeff Baker at HEO at [email protected], to ask for your Trainer Level 1 to be upgraded to Level 2 and include in the email:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Trainer Level 1 certification number
  • Scanned copy of your First Aid/CPR certificate

Courses & Clinics – Payment, Registration & Cancellation

Registration for clinics and courses is done through the HEO website. All NMHA members are to pay for the clinics in advance when registering. Once NMHA members have successfully completed the course, they are to email the NMHA Office the following information:

  • Full name
  • Email address for etransfer
  • Team volunteering on (i.e., House U13 T2 Team K)
  • Role on the team
  • Scanned copy of the receipt for the course, including the amount
  • Scanned copy of certificate of completion

The Director will approve the reimbursement and arrange for payment via etransfer. No cheques will be mailed out. Reimbursement can take 2-4 weeks. Contact: [email protected]

The NMHA will reimburse for the following per house league team:

  • One Head Coach to take Coach Level courses
  • One Assistant Coach to take Coach Level Courses
  • Two Trainers to take Trainer Level 1 course, or Trainer Level 2 course
  • The above specified allotment of team volunteers to take Respect in Sport Activity Leader

Note: If an NMHA house league volunteer takes the Coach Level course and Trainer Level 2 (First
Aid/CPR) that is not hosted by the NMHA, the NMHA will only reimburse up to $200.

Clinic Cancellation Policy

Participants wanting to cancel from clinics must contact HEO at least 7 days before the clinic date.