Section 2 – Team Finances

Budget Guidelines

  1. Prepare a team plan & budget in consultation with the Head Coach (sample below). An Excel template is available from the Manager Liaison upon request. Have a meeting with the parents/guardians to outline the team’s plan and budget for the year. Submit a copy of your preliminary budget to the Manager Liaison no later than November 1, after it has been presented to and reviewed by the parents/guardians.
  2. Prepare a mid-season budget. Share with the parents/guardians, and submit to the Manager
    Liaison by: January 2, 2022
  3. Prepare a final financial statement for the parents/guardians at year-end. Submit to the Manager
    Liaison no later than April 15th. This budget must include the amount refunded to parents.

Team Banking Procedures

Listed below is the team banking procedure the association has set for each team to follow. Most banks
in the Nepean area are fully advised on how our teams are to operate their banking.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Teams should open a bank account as soon as possible once formed. Teams will need:
    • NMHA Banking Letter –(pdf)
    • Two to sign – someone from the team who is not already a member of the coaching staff
    • Familiarize yourself with the NMHA banking instructions
  • One team bank account, with chequing and deposit privileges only.
  • ABM cards may be issued on a deposit-only basis on the team account (no withdrawals under any circumstances).
  • Request a Community Service account, or similar, to avoid high banking fees.
  • Each team bank account requires two signing authorities. It is typically the team manager and treasurer, and cannot be:
    • Head Coach
    • Assistant Coach
    • Anyone related to the coaches, including spouses
  • The team cannot represent themselves as the NMHA, as each team is a separate entity.
  • The account is to be open under the team name. For example, NMHA U13 T2 Team A. The NMHA claims no responsibility for the team’s banking activities.
  • Do not use the NMHA’s address on the bank account. Address should be that of the Manager or Treasurer.
  • All teams are to operate their bank account for the current season and is responsible to close their bank account promptly once all of the financial affairs are taken care of at season’s end, no later than June 1. Do not issue year end refunds to parents via cheque.
  • Under no circumstances are NMHA teams to facilitate banking through personal accounts. The NMHA does reserve the right to audit the team finances at any time. All financial documentation encompassing the team would be required to be turned over to the NMHA audit team.

Team Fees

Team fees must be collected by December 15. Team fees are not optional, based on player participation in tournaments and parties.

Managers and/or Head Coaches should notify the Division Director and the Manager Liaison immediately if there is difficulty collecting team fees.

Use of Team Fees Policy

This policy can be found in its entirety on the NMHA website under House League Policies. The NMHA strives to ensure that all team funds are accounted for and are being spent responsibly.

Teams can collect a maximum of $350 per player (House League) in extra fees (over & above hockey registration fees). Team fees can be collected in one or two installments.

  • Team fees must be collected by all players by December 15.
  • Team fees are not optional and are not based on player participation in tournaments, fundraising initiatives etc.
  • Teams are NOT permitted to request moneys above the $350 team fee. The only additional income for teams must be in the form of legitimate fundraisers and sponsorships.
  • Fundraising, sponsorships and donations must be reported and submitted as part of the team budget to the Manager Liaison.

Allowable team budget expenses:

  • Jersey deposit
  • Goalie equipment rental
  • Additional practice ice
  • Exhibition games (ice, referees, timekeeper)
  • Tournament entry fees
  • Team supplies (pucks, pylons, trainer kit, etc.)
  • Team administration (labels, photocopying, website)
  • Social expenses (ice breakers, year-end party, player gifts, coaching gifts)

Non-allowable team budget expenses:

  • Off-ice team clothing items are not mandatory and cannot be paid for with team fees. All team clothing purchases are at the individual family’s discretion.
  • Transportation

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available to those in need in accordance with the NMHA Financial Assistance Policy. The Financial Assistance form is available on either from the NMHA website, or it can be provided to families. Once it has been filled out, parents/guardians can either drop it off at the hockey office or mail it to the NMHA to the attention of the VP Finance. There are a number of other supporting documents required, which are listed in the policy. One of these is the team budget, disclosing the value of the team fees for the current season. If approved, the VP Finance will write a cheque or etransfer funds directly to the team. Any year-end refund of team fees to those under the financial assistance program are returned to the NMHA.

Team Additional Ice Repayment Policy

This policy can be found in its entirety on the NMHA website under House League Policies.

Teams are encouraged to purchase additional practice ice from the NMHA Available Ice. The costs for this ice are charged back to the team.

To discourage large ice balances and instances where team IOUs exceed the amount of the jersey deposit that is held by the NMHA, the policy on repayment is as follows:

  1. All teams are required to pay off outstanding ice bills by February 1st, regardless of the amount owed.
  2. Teams who have a balance of $500 owed, prior to the February 1st payment date, are required to pay that balance immediately.
  3. Additional ice purchases are to be paid at the end of the round robin playoffs.
  4. Teams advancing to the semi-finals and finals will be assigned additional practice ice at that time. Payment for those ice times can be deducted from the jersey deposit.

Teams who fail to pay off their extra ice balances by the deadlines, will not be permitted to purchase additional ice from the NMHA. Regular practice ice will continue to be assigned.

Budget Planning Summary

All house league budgets must be submitted to the NMHA

Team FeesSuggested Payment Schedule:
– ½ at beginning of season
– ½ by Nov. 15
– These are suggested. Teams may make their own arrangements keeping in mind that jersey deposits of $1,000 will be cashed on December 1st
FundraisingAll team members should participate in team fundraising activities. All
proceeds go to the team, not the individual player
Sponsorship FundsInclude any tournament sponsorships or donations. For team sponsorships,
teams will receive a $250 credit on their sweater deposit at the end of the
Refundable Jersey Deposit (mandatory) $1,000 to be cashed on December 1st.
Practice Ice (mandatory) Budget for additional practice ice your team may be allocated. Teams will
receive up to a pre-determined number of practice hours ,however the
allocation can go beyond this, especially if teams advance through the
playoffs. Teams should budget for this and allow for flexibility. Ice fees for
2021-22 are set at $215 per hour for full ice, or $107.50 per hour for half ice.
Exhibition Games Fees for ice rental, referees, timekeepers
Tournaments Entry fees, player exchange mementos
Team Supplies Coach supplies, pucks, pylons, first aid kit
Team Administration Game sheet labels, website, other administrative supplies
Social Expenses Ice-breaker, holiday and year-end party, player & volunteer gifts
Bank Account • Not to be in the name of NMHA or sponsor name
• Address not to be NMHA office. Address must be that of Manager or
• The name on the account/cheques must include the division and team
letter, for example U13 T2 Team A
Signing Authority • Requires two signing authorities
• Can’t be the Head Coach, anyone on coaching staff or spouse
• Must be two parents/guardians from different families
Financial Statements To the parents/guardians and the House League Manager Liaison
• Preliminary – ASAP after team formation
• Mid-Season – January 2
• Year-End – April 15
Please make the statements as detailed as possible.

Team Budget Template

Excel dowloadable version

(Mandatory expenses in red)