Section 10 – Other Information


Year End Plaques

Each year the NMHA also pays for “Year End Plaques” for each team. The NMHA covers the cost for all the players and four bench staff: Head Coach, 1 Assistant Coach, Trainer and a Manager. Should teams require any more the team will pay an additional cost for them. By December team rosters are finalized. Teams will be sent an email requesting that they complete the plaque request template. The completed template then must be returned, and plaques are ordered. Due to the large volume of plaques being ordered, teams are asked to complete their requests within a specific timeframe. This ensures teams have their plaques in time for season close, and any year-end team activities.

Special Events & Year-End Party

In some cases, a Special Event Request must be completed for team events where the team needs to be covered under Hockey Canada insurance. Such instances may include team facility rentals where the facility is requesting proof of insurance. Hockey Canada has a list of events & conditions that are approved. Insurance coverage for each event is for registered participants (players and rostered staff) only. Many facilities have their own insurance (amusement centres as an example). To request special event insurance, visit

Examples of activities approved include dry land training, some fundraising activities, bottle drives, and bingos. Notes and conditions are provided for each approved activity. Examples of activities not approved are parent-player hockey games, dunk tanks, and car rallies.

The events & parties are the fun part of the season. Consider holding events at community field house, a sport complex, a restaurant, or amusement centre. Don’t forget gifts & awards for year-end!

Parents and Players Game

Parent/player hockey games are not permitted as parents and players will not be insured.


Some additional rules you may not be aware of:

  • No all-star games allowed
  • Only eligible players may go on the ice: all players must be registered.

Publicity for Teams

You can highlight community involvement, tournament successes as well as seasonal play along with a team picture. The Barrhaven Independent and other neighbourhood papers welcome articles from minor hockey. Also, you can have team news posted on the NMHA website & social media. Send team news & photos to the NMHA Communications Director at [email protected].

Souvenirs & NMHA Apparel

The NMHA office has a selection of pins available for purchase for tournaments against teams outside of the NMHA. Please use one of the NMHA’s five approved vendors to purchase additional NMHA branded clothing, equipment & accessories.

Raiders Team Apparel Policy

The NMHA official logo is the only logo allowed on team clothing – jackets, track suits, hockey bags, garment bags, etc. The NMHA logo cannot be used in conjunction with a sponsor logo for team wear. Teams acquiring funds from a sponsor for team apparel may only include a sponsor logo on practice wear (practice jerseys) or other accessories such as toques, t-shirts, water bottles, etc.

If teams are uncertain whether an item of apparel falls into one of the above categories, please contact NMHA President for confirmation at [email protected].

NMHA Apparel Suppliers

The Nepean Minor Hockey Association has five approved suppliers who are able to provide team wear and accessories using the NMHA logo. All Nepean Minor Hockey teams must use one of these suppliers when ordering items with the NMHA logo. Their apparel catalogues can be found on the Apparel and Merchandise page.


Here are the steps required to hold a raffle for team fundraising. Leave ample time to complete this process, there is some driving involved (Industrial Road, City of Ottawa, NMHA Accountant Warren MacDonald and NMHA hockey office and/or VP Finance).

Warren MacDonald: [email protected]
Hockey Office: [email protected]
VP Finance Wendy Tyman: [email protected]

Familiarize yourself with the rules set out by the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and follow the steps below:

  1. Create a ticket sample:
    • Name of team • Address
    • What the prize is
    • Draw date, time, and location
    • License #: When you send in the ticket sample to be vetted, simply put “Ottawa Lottery License No.” 
    • If the raffle is for alcohol, the ticket must say “Must be 19 years or older to participate” 
    • Tickets must be numbered along with how many tickets will be sold
  2. Contact the City of Ottawa By-Law Licensing. You will get a contact to whom you can email the ticket sample.
    • By-Law Licensing Agent 613-580-2424 ext. 12735 3.
  3. Advise the City the dollar value of your prizes. The cost of the permit will be 3% of the prize value.
  4. The City will advise you if you need anything changed.
  5. Complete an Application to Manage and Conduct a Raffle Lottery. This form is found on the Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) website
  6. Once complete, you will need to meet with Warren MacDonald (accountant) to have him sign the form, and give you a cheque for 3% of the prize value.
  7. Take the signed application and cheque to the NMHA for signature (Contact VP Finance) to sign both.
  8. Bring the signed application and signed cheque along with a copy of your sample ticket to the city: 735 Industrial Avenue 2nd Floor, K1G 5J1, hours 8:30am – 4:30pm
  9. They will then issue a license.
  10. Make sure to include the license number and put it on your tickets before printing.
  11. Sell the tickets, and deposit the funds into the team bank account.
  12. Conduct the draw at the published location at the published time.
  13. Winners need to be published – either on the team website, Team Snap or the NMHA website can be used.
  14. Within one week complete a Lottery Report, found on the AGCO website: This report needs to also be signed by Warren and the NMHA VP Finance.
  15. A cheque for the full amount of the sales must be written to the NMHA in Trust.
  16. Once the City approves the paperwork (a few weeks’ time), the NMHA will write a cheque to the team, minus the permit fee.
  17. All lottery dealings must be done in person.

City Contact Information:

Bylaw Services Assistant Business Licensing Centre City of Ottawa
735 Industrial Avenue
Ottawa ON K1G 5J1
(613) 580-2424 ext. 12735

Business hours: Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (summer), 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (after Labour Day)