Section 1 – General Information

Manager Checklist

  1. Obtain team jerseys and socks 
  2. Open team bank account 
  3. Prepare team budget in collaboration with the Head Coach
  4. Volunteer Requirements:
    • Police Record Checks
    • Respect in Sport course
    • Coach and/or Trainer Clinics
    • Gender Identity and Expression Course
  5. Game Sheets
    • Pick-up games sheets for the season
    • Make game sheet labels
  6. Compile the following player information:
    • Player information sheet
    • Medical information sheet – to be kept with the trainer at all times on the bench.
  7. Complete Official Team List Template and return to Registrar
  8. Establish method of communicating information to parents
    • E-mail
    • Set up a team web site
    • Distribute team directory
  9. Tournaments
    • Mail tournament application with payment
    • Submit all required information by due date, i.e. team roster
    • Book hotel rooms if necessary
    • Complete team travel permit documentation if necessary
    • Communicate information to parents regarding game times, arena(s), hotels and maps
  10. Ice Allocation
    • Practice ice
    • Game changes/rescheduling
  11. NMHA Apparel & Merchandise Vendors 
  12. Special Events & Parties



Jerseys for all House League teams are provided by the Nepean Minor Hockey Association. Each team receives two sets of jerseys. The home color is White and the away color is Black. The NMHA sweaters are to be worn for games only, not for practices. Older (retired) jerseys will be assessed and those that do not make the grade will be available for purchase. These jerseys would make a great practice jersey. Purchase price of these jerseys will be set by the VP Operations.

Jersey Pick-Up

Jerseys and socks can be picked up on dates specified by the NMHA. No deposit is required upon pick-up, however, a $1000.00 jersey deposit cheque is to be submitted to the hockey office no later than December 1st, 2021. This deposit should be made with a team cheque and madepayable to the NMHA.

Any teams who do not hand in their jersey deposit by this deadline, will have practice ice withheld until the deposit is handed in.

Once the jerseys are picked up the team must fill out the Jersey Damage Report, listing the jersey number and size of all the jerseys the team has received along with any damage issues. The Jersey Damage Report must be emailed to the VP Operations within 48 hours of receiving the sweaters. If a team does not email aJersey Damage Report, the team will assume responsibility
of all damage.

Upon pick up, team representatives will sign a contract agreeing that the team will pay the replacement costs as follows :

  • jerseys set replacement fee ($175 – House League, $275 – Competitive) if:
    • there is jersey damage at the end of the season (most common is skate cuts from being left in a bag with skates)
    • any signs of glue, tape or any adhesive used to attach tags and/or the letters “C” or “A” will bedeemed damaged and the team will be charged full price of set of jerseys;
    • or if teams fail to note existing damage prior to their first game (report to the VP Operations)
  • Missing sponsor tags will be charged back to the team at a cost of $10 per missing tag.
  • Missing jersey bag will be charged back to the team at a cost of $50.00 each.
  • Not washed (per team set) $100

Ensure players keep their jerseys separate from skates and equipment with velcro as these items cause unnecessary pulls, pilling and cuts. Best suggestion is to have the jerseys in a garment bag. Should you wish to purchase a NMHA logo garment bag, please contact one of our approved suppliers

Jersey Damage

If any jersey gets damaged during a game, the team manager is to inform immediately to ensure the team is not penalized at the end of the season.

Jersey Exchange

Before jersey exchanges (sizing or extensive damage) will be considered at the beginning of the season, the Jersey Damage Report must already have been received by the NMHA.

The Head Coach or Team Manager are to email their jersey exchange request. The email must in include the jersey number, size and the reason for the request. The NMHA will review the request and the current stock, then will respond back by email with a date and time to meet for the exchange. If a team fails to appear for the exchange, the sweaters willbe returned back to the inventory. Exchanges can only be done via the Head Coach or Manager.

Jersey Returns

Managers may choose to collect the team sweaters at the end of the last game of the season. This can eliminate the need for chasing after the jerseys before the scheduled return date. An email will be sent with the return schedule as the regular season draws to a close. The team manager or the coach shall return the jerseys to the NMHA as per the following guidelines:

  • Carefully remove all name tags, sponsor tags and C’s and A’s from all jerseys. Please remove all left over threading.
  • All jerseys MUST be washed, best method is to wash all the Home (white) jerseys in one load, and all Away (black or red) jerseys in another.
  • All jerseys are to be hung on wire hangers and returned in numerical order in the appropriate bag (white in one bag, black in the other bag).
  • A lost jersey bag will be charged back to the team at a cost of $50 per bag.

For any other jersey questions, comments or concerns, please contact

Name Bars & Sponsor Tags

Name bars are to be ordered via email, through any one of the below NMHA approved vendors:

To eliminate confusion, please ensure all name bars are ordered together in one email. In the subject header
please include:

  • Team Division, Tier, Team Name (e.g., U13 Tier 2 Team K)

In the email, include:

  • Contact person – name, email and telephone number
  • List of name bars noting the colour (black or white or both) and players’ last names

A confirmation email will be sent once the name bars have been ordered, followed by an email or phone call from the supplier when they are ready to be picked up. Payment is to be made directly to the supplier.

Name bars go on the top of the jersey, above the player number, trying not to cover the stop sign.

  • White name bars go on white jerseys
  • Black name bars go on black jerseys.

Teams can choose to have parents pay individually for name bars or include them in the team budget. If your team has been assigned sponsor tags, they go on the bottom stripe, below the jersey number. Verify with the NMHA Sponsorship Director if the tags are to be left on or removed at the end of the season.

All name bars are to be hand-sewn only. Professional or machine stitching is often too tight and causes damage to the jerseys. No staples, tape, glue or any type of adhesive is to be used. The jerseys will be damaged, and the cost will be the responsibility of the team.


All players must wear the official NMHA hockey socks. Each player will receive a pair of socks at the start of the season, from the NMHA. The team may choose to buy a second pair. It should be a team decision if this should come out of the team budget or be an individual expense.

Ice Policies and Other Ice Related Information

Ice Allocation

One (1) hour of ice consists of 50 minutes of playing time and 10 minutes to clean the ice. The team must leave the ice immediately upon hearing the horn that is sounded by the arena staff.

Ice time for team practice is included in the registration fee as per the following:

  • U7: 12 hours
  • U9: 13 hours
  • U11: 10 hours
  • U13, U15: 12 hours
  • U18: 6 hours

Your team may run over the allotted amount and should budget accordingly. This ice will be billed by your Director and the payments are brought to the hockey office. Team managers should keep track of assigned practice ice and budget accordingly.

Teams wanting additional ice time may purchase it according to the following rates and must account for it in the team budget:

2021/2022 Practice Ice Costs

Full ice: $215.00 per hour
Half-ice: $107.50 per hour

Game Changes


Teams needing to reschedule a game (due to tournaments), should email their Convenor and Division Director as soon as a conflict or potential conflict is known. Most tournaments will conflict with at least one game or practice, but these can be rescheduled with ease if taken care of in a timely manner.

  • Tournaments before the holiday break must be communicated to the Convenor or Director within one month’s notice to allow ample time to reschedule games/practices.
    • Team officials can log into the NMHA Ice Scheduling System to add their tournaments.
  • Tournaments after the holiday break must be communicated to the Convenor or Director by December 1st.
  • Teams registering for tournaments at the last minute, or not scheduling/notifying their Convenor/Director within the above timelines will be responsible to either maintain their practice & game schedule in addition to the tournament or for the cost of unused practice and/or game ice.

The Director/Convenor may use the team’s practice ice to reschedule games. The Convenor will arrange for referees and timekeepers for rescheduled games.

IMPORTANT: For rescheduled games: it is up to the HOME team Manager to confirm via email to the Referee & Timekeeper Assignor, Jay Kleiman 72 hours before all rescheduled games to confirm officials for that game.

Available Ice

A list of available ice can be found on the NMHA website.

Obtaining your Official Team Registration List (Roster)


The NMHA Registrar will generate team lists as early as possible, after teams are formed. All teams require an “official” signed and approved team roster to participate in tournament and league games. The following steps are to be followed, with steps 1 and 2 being completed within 2 weeks of team formation.

  1. Team Manager to complete Official Team List Template (MS Excel). This list will contain:
    1. Names & jersey numbers for all players on the team, identifying goaltenders, and any players who are referees.
    2. For each member of the coaching staff, including the trainer and manager, name, address, date of birth and any other NMHA team for which the member may volunteer.
  2. The Team Manager will send the completed template to the NMHA Registrar, copying the Convenor and Division Director.
  3. The NMHA Registrar will create the team list, and email it back to the Team Manager.

Changes throughout the season, for example player movement due to team balancing, require the Registrar to be notified and an updated roster will be issued.

Please see the section of this manual on Affiliated Players for information on adding affiliate players to your official team roster.

Coaches must keep a copy of the official team roster and bring it to every game – league, tournament or exhibition as proof of player eligibility.

Anyone who will be on the ice or behind the bench, in addition to the Team Manager, must be listed on the official team roster for coverage under the Hockey Canada insurance policy

2021-2022 Sponsorship Opportunities – General Information

Our current list of sponsors

Have You Considered Sponsoring a Team?

The NMHA is always looking for sponsors and would like to invite you to consider supporting hockey in your community by sponsoring a competitive or house league team. The NMHA and its members are very appreciative of their sponsors’ support and value the relationships that have been formed. Sponsorships assist the NMHA in keeping the cost of minor hockey at a reasonable level, so that all children, no matter their background, have an opportunity to play the game we are so passionate about. The NMHA encourages our members to use our sponsors’ businesses when shopping for goods and services.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The NMHA has a number of different sponsorship packages available at various price points. Typically, sponsorship funds are divided equally between the association and its teams. The sponsorship money is paid directly to the NMHA to help offset costs such as ice time, referee and timekeeper fees, district memberships and specified fundraising items such as our jersey replacement program. For the majority of sponsorship agreements, 50% of the funds go to the association while the other 50% is assigned to teams ($250/team).

As part of our sponsorship program, the NMHA offers sponsors a number of benefits, depending on the sponsorship level. Benefits include:

  • A link on the NMHA website to the sponsor’s organization
  • A team picture and thank you plaque for display in your office or store
  • Social media recognition (Silver level & above)
  • Message of thanks sent to entire membership

The NMHA ensures that there is a maximum of one official sponsor per team. Your sponsorship can be put toward the team of your choice provided the team does not already have a sponsor assigned.

A copy of our pre-populated sponsorship packages, including the benefits your organization will receive can be found on the sponsorship page of the NMHA website. If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a sponsorship package, please email

NMHA Team Sponsorships

  • The fee set for sponsorship of an NMHA team will be $500 for both house and competitive teams.
  • All funds collected from sponsors go directly to the NMHA and are intended for the benefit of all players. Unless otherwise specified by the sponsor, each $500 sponsor is assigned to a specific team by the NMHA and becomes the team’s only NMHA-recognized official sponsor.
  • The sponsored team will receive a $250 credit toward their team expenses.
  • Teams are not permitted to solicit extra donations from assigned official team sponsors.
  • Whenever possible, and as appropriate, the sponsor’s name should be used in conjunction with the team name (i.e., NMHA “Myers Devils U13 Tier 2 Team D”) in all official team correspondence & tournament registrations.
  • The team manager should provide the sponsor with a copy of the team’s schedule.
  • The NMHA will provide each team with a sponsor plaque for all association-level sponsors. Teams are responsible for providing recognition to all tournament sponsors or team donors.
  • For teams with sponsor tags, specific instructions will be sent to the team manager.

Tournament Sponsorship Opportunities

  • All teams are permitted to seek additional tournament sponsorships to defer costs including registration fees, coach expenses (as applicable) and team travel costs. Sponsorship & donation limits, from all sources are set at:
    • House League: $2,500 per team
    • Competitive: $6,000 per team
  • Teams cannot approach current NMHA sponsors to solicit funds. A list of all current sponsors can be found on the NMHA website.
  • The NMHA will provide the team with a Donation & Tournament Sponsorship Agreement, authorizing the team to solicit additional sponsorship funds. This must be presented to and completed by all prospective donors and/or sponsors and submitted to the NMHA with the team budget or as soon as it is received by the team. All amounts must be reported on the team budget with the accompanying documentation.
  • A mid-year report for team fundraising & sponsorship must be submitted to the NMHA as part of their team’s budget by the deadlines as specified for each division. A year-end final report must be submitted to the NMHA by the appropriate deadlines for both competitive and house league. Team sponsorship documents must be submitted to
  • Unreported funds are a direct offence to the reporting procedures within the NMHA therefore teams will be fined 50% of any sponsorship funds acquired and not reported. All financial records must be available at any time upon request.
  • All donations and tournament sponsorship funds go to the entire team. The whole team should benefit, regardless of who obtains the funds.
  • Teams must only solicit what they require within their sponsorship limits. Surplus funds will be transferred to the NMHA and used to reduce ice and equipment costs for all minor hockey participants.
  • Teams may create a team banner, booklet or similar memento to provide recognition for a tournament sponsor. This banner or memento may only be used at the specified tournament and cannot be used during regular season or playoff games. In no way can a tournament sponsor replace or supersede the team’s official sponsor.
  • Teams receiving donations must provide recognition to the team’s donor.


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