Role & Responsibilities

Who can be a safety officer?

Any adult can be a team’s safety officer provided they are not already volunteering in another capacity on the same team. Therefore, the Team Manager, Trainer, Assistant Coaches, as examples, cannot also be the team’s safety officer.

Can a team have more than one safety officer?

YES! In fact, a team should have at minimum TWO safety officers, so there is at least one back-up in place. Some teams have multiple safety officers, to share the duties and this is acceptable as well.

What are the safety officer’s duties?

The safety officer is the team’s dedicated Covid Questionnaire Screener and Vaccine Verification person. They are responsible:

  • To ensure all participants (players, coaches, volunteers, team staff, spectators and on and off ice officials) have completed the NMHA covid screening questionnaire before participating in any team event, both on and off the ice.
  • To verify all players and team staff are fully vaccinated, as per HEO’s Vaccine Policy released on Sept. 27th, 2021.
  • To verify all of their respective team’s spectators, aged 12 and older, are fully vaccinated, as per City of Ottawa guidelines released on Sept. 22nd, 2021.
  • They do NOT verify vaccine status of on and off-ice officials but they do verify they have completed the NMHA Covid screening questionnaire for each NMHA event (note: the team manager will assist with this part of the process).
  • Safety Officer should familiarize themselves with the NMHA Covid Safety Protocols and assist with upholding these policies and procedures as best as reasonably possible.
  • Acting in conjunction with the Team Manager and Head Coach, every effort should be made to notify visiting teams, well in advance, of the NMHA Covid Safety Protocols.
  • Home teams are responsible to ensure the away team is aware of and follows the NMHA Covid Safety Protocols.
  • Away teams are responsible to contact the home team to verify their respective Covid Safety Protocols and spectator limits. Note: these do vary with other associations and districts. Teams should make every effort to familiarize themselves with other districts’ protocols, especially for out-of-town tournaments.

How does a safety officer verify the Covid screening and vaccine verification?

Please refer to the following (all located under the Safety Officer section on our website):

Is a Safety Officer part of the team’s official roster?

No. The Safety Officer is not part of the team’s official roster.

Note: any issues of abusive behavior, people failing to abide by the NMHA Covid Safety Protocols, please inform the Director of Risk and Safety, immediately.

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