NMHA Covid Screening Process

  • The Safety Officer (SO) is required to verify all participants (players, staff, spectators) of their respective team have completed the NMHA Covid Screening Questionnaire, prior to the participants entering the facility.
  • Home team is responsible for screening on and off-ice officials; the home team’s Team Manager, will complete this part, as the SO should be outside the facility screening spectators prior to entry.
  • The Covid screening questionnaire must be completed for all team events, both on as well as off the ice. (examples of off-ice team events, include but not limited to: dryland training, team meals and team ice-breakers)

Where can participants find the NMHA Covid Screening Questionnaire?

Team-specific questionnaires have been created and are accessible on the NMHA Website.

How can a Safety Officer verify the completion of the questionnaire?

Safety Officers and Team Managers have been granted access to the data logs, showing who has completed the forms. If you are a safety officer or a team manager and you do NOT have access to your team log, please contact the Director of Risk and Safety to request access. Be sure to include your name, your role, and your team name in your email request. risk.safety@nepeanminorhockey.ca

What if a participant forgets to complete the questionnaire?

Safety Officers and Team Managers have been provided QR scanning codes, so a participant can quickly scan the code on their mobile device and get instant access to their team-specific questionnaire.

If the participant does not have a mobile device or does not have internet reception, then a manual Covid screening questionnaire form will need to be completed. Safety Officer and Team Manager should have manual copies with them, in the event they need to be used. They can be printed off our website located in the “Forms” section under “Safety Officers”.

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