Vaccination Policy

2021-22 SEASON
ISSUED: September 27, 2021

Purpose of Policy: To continue to protect the health and safety of all HEO Participants by
requiring that certain individuals be fully vaccinated as a condition of participating in HEO
Sanctioned Activities in accordance with defined timelines, including all Provincial, Municipal
laws and regulations.

Effective Date: This policy is effective immediately, with regard to the availability of
Accepted COVID-19 Vaccines.

  1. Policy Statement
    HEO requires that all Affected Persons be Fully Vaccinated against COVID-19, in accordance
    with this policy, as a condition of participating in any Sanctioned Activities during the 2021-22
    hockey season. At present, this policy does not apply to hockey players born after 2009 but
    may be subject to change at any time.

    Public health guidance on measures for fully vaccinated, partially vaccinated, and
    unvaccinated individuals continue to evolve and may affect this policy in the future. HEO
    reserves the right to amend this policy in response to any new guidance received from or
    regulations passed by federal, provincial, and local public health and governmental
    authorities in respect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Additionally, this policy only applies to Employees, Districts, Associations, Teams, Leagues,
    and participants who are members of, or who are registered with HEO. It is not intended to
    apply to teams and participants of any Minor, Junior, Special, and Para hockey associations or
    Leagues operating outside of HEO, even if they are participating in an HEO Sanctioned
    Activity (e.g.: tournaments/exhibition games). This policy is also not intended to limit any
    HEO Teams from participating in sanctioned hockey events and activities in other hockey
    jurisdictions outside HEO that may be governed by a different vaccination policy.

  2. Reason for Policy
    The health and safety of all Participants is the top priority of HEO. The purpose of this policy is
    to protect the health and safety of all participants by reducing the risk of exposure to and the
    transmission of COVID-19, and to promote the health and safety of all members through

    This policy is necessary to prevent, respond to, and alleviate any outbreak of COVID-19 in
    HEO because of the significant risk factors for COVID-19 infection that are present while
    participating in an organized and sanctioned hockey setting.

    The close contact nature of organized hockey makes compliance with social distancing
    requirements difficult in certain circumstances and can reduce the effectiveness of other
    infectious disease transmission protocols such as masking.

  3. Affected Persons
    This policy applies to the following Affected Persons, which includes the following

    • Players born in 2009 or earlier;
    • Team Officials (Coaches, Trainers and Managers, etc.);
    • Game Officials (referees, linespersons, timekeepers, etc.);
    • District, Association and League Officials (Junior League, District executive, minor
    hockey association directors, officers, executive and staff);
    • HEO Officials (directors, officers, executive and employees, including hockey
    development personnel);
    • Volunteers; and
    • Instructors (third parties engaged by Associations, Districts, Leagues or Teams to
    provide specialized instruction (e.g., power skating, goaltending coaching).

    At present, this policy does not apply to hockey players born in 2010 or later.

  4. Vaccination Requirement & Records
    All Affected Persons are required to be Fully Vaccinated (i.e.: including the 14-day period
    after receiving their completed dose) by November 8, 2021, or earlier. All Affected Persons
    must present to their Association/District/League/Team designate, as applicable, evidence
    satisfactory to HEO demonstrating that they have received the completed series of an
    Accepted COVID-19 Vaccine.

  5. Acceptable Vaccines
    HEO recognizes all vaccines approved by Health Canada. All Affected Persons will be
    required to confirm they are vaccinated regardless of which Health Canada approved vaccine
    they received.

  6. Acceptable Documentation
    Acceptable documents serving as evidence of COVID-19 vaccination include:

    • A digital or physical Dose Administration Receipt;
    • Medical record signed by a licensed health care provider (as noted) indicating vaccine
    name and date(s) of administration; and
    • Government verification/language (e.g., Government issued vaccine passport,
    certificate, card, or electronic record).

    Note: HEO reserves the right to perform future random spot checks to confirm the
    accuracy of an individual’s vaccination history and this may include an individual having to
    produce confirmation of their COVID-19 vaccination records.

  7. Accommodation
    HEO will comply with the Province of Ontario’s current legislation and will provide an
    accommodation to any Affected Person who is unable to be vaccinated for substantiated
    medical reasons (Medical Exemptions to COVID-19 Vaccination Guidance).

    If an Affected Person cannot provide HEO or their Association/District/League/Team with
    satisfactory evidence of vaccination, the following may be taken into consideration by
    exemption only:

    • The Affected Person’s reason for not being vaccinated; and
    • Documentation to substantiate a medical exemption.

    Any Affected Person requiring accommodation must provide HEO with documentation to
    substantiate their reason for not being vaccinated. Refer to Appendix A, as applicable.
    Where accommodation is not possible, the Affected Person will not be permitted to be
    involved in any Sanctioned Activity for the duration of the pandemic or until such time that
    COVID-19 no longer poses a significant public health risk.

    HEO reserves the right to have medical documentation reviewed by an HEO designated
    medical professional.

    Any Affected Person who is granted an accommodation must undergo regular COVID-19
    testing, (at their own cost and expense) and must provide evidence to their
    Association/District/League/Team, as applicable and as requested, of a negative test taken
    not more than 48 hours prior to each Sanctioned Activity.

  8. Reporting & Record Keeping
    All Affected Persons need to provide proof to their Association designate who will record the
    proof of vaccination. However, the Association will not be required to keep any medical
    records or vaccination receipts on file. The Association/District/League/Team designate will
    simply be required to confirm that proof of vaccination has been provided and recorded and
    maintain such on file as a list of all Affected Persons who have provided such proof of
    vaccination. All individuals making an application for accommodation under this policy shall
    be filed directly with HEO, as noted above.

    All documentary records regarding COVID-19 accommodations will only be collected, used,
    retained, or disclosed by HEO as may be necessary for operational purposes, as directed or
    requested by governmental authorities or as may be required by law.
    Until no longer required, all records retained under this policy must be kept in a secure

    location to which access is provided to only a limited number of designated persons who are
    involved in administering this policy. Once an Affected Person’s accommodation status has
    been verified and it is determined that there is no further need for the retention of such
    records, they shall be immediately destroyed in a secure manner.

  9. Unvaccinated Affected Persons
    On November 8, 2021, any Affected Person that is not Fully Vaccinated (including the 14-day
    period after receiving their completed dose) or not having been granted an accommodation
    in accordance with Section 7, will no longer be permitted to participate in any Sanctioned
    Activities until such time as they have presented satisfactory evidence to HEO that they have
    been Fully Vaccinated or granted an HEO approved accommodation.

  10. Players born in 2010 or later
    At the present time, Health Canada has not approved a COVID-19 vaccine for children born
    in 2010 or later. However, once a COVID-19 vaccine has received Health Canada approval for
    such persons, HEO will re-evaluate this policy and consider extending the definition of
    Vaccine-Eligible Players to include players born in those years.

  11. Spectators
    Ontario Provincial Legislation as outlined in section 2.1 of Schedule 1 of O Reg. 364/20
    outlines that businesses or organizations must require patrons who are 12 years of age or
    older and who do not qualify for an exemption to provide proof of identification and proof of
    being fully vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to entering a facility.

  12. Facility
    Facilities are governed by Provincial, Municipal, and Public Health Legislation. Facilities may
    have other regulations or policies outside of the scope of this policy, that must be adhered to
    at all times

Accepted COVID-19 Vaccine” means a COVID-19 vaccine that has been approved for use
by Health Canada.
Affected Persons” means any Vaccine-Eligible Players, Team Officials, Game Officials, HEO
Officials, Employees, Directors, Officers, Instructors, Service Providers and Contractors,
including Association, League and District Executives and Volunteers.
Association” means any Registered Minor Hockey association as defined in HEO
District” means any recognized District as defined in HEO Regulations.
Exemption” means:
a written document completed and supplied by a registered physician (designated as
“MD”) or by a registered nurse in the extended class (designated as “Registered Nurse
(Extended Class)”. “RN(EC)”, “Nurse Practitioner” or (NP) stating that the individual is
exempt for a medical reason from being fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
League” means any Registered League as defined in HEO Regulations.
Association Officials” means any member of the board of directors, officers, executive,
volunteers and employees (including interns) of an Association.
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Facility” means a municipally or privately run ice hockey arena or multi sport complex in
which HEO Teams, Associations, and Leagues contractually rent time for usage pertaining to
the game of ice hockey.
Fully Vaccinated” means fourteen (14) days after an individual has received a completed
series of an Accepted COVID-19 Vaccine.
Game Officials” means any referee, linesperson, timekeeper, scorekeeper, (off ice officials)
or other person engaged in officiating a hockey game as may be designated by HEO.
Instructor” means any person engaged by an Association, District, League or Team to
provide specialized instruction (e.g., power skating, goaltending coaching, training) to
players, who is not registered to any Association.
HEO” means Hockey Eastern Ontario.
HEO Official” means any member of the board of directors, officers, executive and
employees (including interns) of HEO.
Participant” or “participant” means any person registered in HEO through any Association
or Team, including the parents or legal guardians of any minor aged participant.
Sanctioned Activity” means any game, tournament, on-ice practice, off-ice training, or any
other activity involving registered hockey players, Team Officials, or individuals that is
approved by HEO or any registered Association, District or League, or Hockey Canada (or
any of its member organizations).
Team” means any group of certified Team Officials, rostered hockey players, who are
qualified in a division and category under HEO Regulations, who have gathered for a
Sanctioned Activity, including any Instructors, Volunteers or Association Officials.
Team Official” means any person involved in the management of a Team and includes the
coach, trainer, manager and any assistant coach or assistant trainer and safety officer where
Vaccine-Eligible Individual” means any individual born in 2009 or earlier (per current
Health Canada and public health guidelines).
Volunteer” means any person registered by HEO or Association, District or League as a




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