Help Wanted – District Chair

The NMHA is looking to appoint a new District Chair.  This position is a one-year appointment (with a possible 1 year extension) and the overall responsibilities of the District Chair are to ensure the NMHA is complying with all Hockey Canada and Hockey Eastern Ontario rules and policies and to serve as the district representative at Minor Council.

If you wish to express an interest in this role please email Helen Tyson at president by July 31, 2023.

A detailed description of the role is below.

The District Chair is nominated by a District, but it is a role mandated by Hockey Eastern Ontario and the individual serves at the pleasure of the HEO Board.  The role begins with the District Chair being responsible for participating in HEO policy development and then for communicating those policies and ensuring that Nepean follows HEO policy and regulations, as well as those of Hockey Canada

Core Competencies

A District Chair must have the following core competencies:

    1. Working knowledge of HEO policies and procedures.
    2. Working knowledge of the proper application of the HEO Code of Discipline.
    3. Working knowledge of how to properly conduct an investigation.
    4. Working knowledge of how to properly conduct disciplinary or appeal hearings.
    5. Working knowledge of Hockey Canada Regulations for Minor Hockey.
    6. Working knowledge of Hockey Canada Playing Rules.



  • Discipline

HEO regulations mandate that the District Chair is ultimately responsible for the enforcement of the HEO Code of Discipline. Additionally, when one of our teams travels out-of-branch, it is the District Chair that is responsible for ensuring that the team follows the local Code of Discipline of that Branch.

  • Player Eligibility

HEO has defined residential boundaries. It is the responsibility of the District Chair that players register and play within their residential Association.

  • Player Movement.

It is the responsibility of the District Chair that all player movements (residential moves) follow HEO policies. Appropriate documentation must be filed and signed.

House transfers are the responsibility of the Association President and District Chair. Appropriate documentation must be filed and signed in the HCR.

All tryout transfers are ultimately approved by the District Chair.

  • Respect in Sport (Parent) program.

It is HEO policy that all new players have completed the RIS Parent program and it’s the role of the District Chair that the NMHA complies with this policy.

  • Minor Council Activities

Minor Council is the primary body responsible for policy development for minor hockey and for recommending action for ratification by the HEO Board.  It is also a forum where information is exchanged between HEO and the representatives of minor hockey. Any proposed changes to minor Rules and regulations are discussed here and are subsequently recommended to the HEO Board.

The district chair provides summary reports to the NMHA Board on each Minor Council meeting and seeks feedback from the Board regarding minor council votes etc.

The role is to represent the NMHA at Minor Council, an advisory body to the HEO Board. In addition to this role, the district chair may sit on specific task teams as well.