Jersey return – NEW dates.

Sadly, it’s that time. Please note the following time/dates for jersey return. Please do not come during a time that has not been assigned to your group to avoid excessive crowding and long waits, as we are taking the time to count jerseys on return. 

All jerseys are to be returned to Dymon storage at 300 Greenbank Rd. A volunteer will be in the elevator area to process your return.  Should you have any questions, please send them to Pat Lam at

Jersey return times

Sunday, April 24 – 2-6 PM

All Comp + U15/U18 House
Thursday, April 28

5-6:30 PM – U9 House
6:30-8 PM – U11 House
7:30 -9 PM – U13 House

Jersey return guidelines

  1. Remove ALL name bars as well as “C” and “A” patches.
    1. Remove all loose threading
  2. Sponsor bars are to be left on – unless you are otherwise told. Sponsors are multi-year sponsors and tags need to stay on the jerseys.
  3. Wash all the sweaters prior to returning them!
    • Jerseys will not be accepted if not washed, remember these jerseys are used for the next year’s team and they will be kept in the bag all summer.
    • Hang dry the jerseys, please do not throw them in the dryer
    • Please ensure the jerseys are DRY before placing them in the team garment bags.
  1. Return all jerseys on hangers in the jerseybags that were given to you at the start of the season.  Each team should be returning two jerseys bags (home and away).  
    • Sort the jerseys in their garment bags in numerical order for easier checking by our volunteers. Please make sure they are hung properly and DO NOT just throw them into the bag. 
  2. Each team is to return the same number of jerseyas listed on their jersey Contract. The jersey Contract agreement should have been emailed to the head coach and/or the person who picked up the jerseys. 
  3. Socks do not need to be returned and are for your players to keep.
  4. Jersey deposits will be either refunded via your scheduler (competitive) and/or via the office (house). You will receive an email confirming the amount of your jersey cheque (Jersey deposit fee, less any amounts owing for ice or other IOUs, plus any applicable sponsorship fees).


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