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Sponsorship Information

Have You Considered Sponsoring A Team?

The NMHA is currently working on the 2017 - 2018 Sponsorship Drive and would like to invite you to consider supporting the NMHA by sponsoring a competitive or house league team.

The NMHA and its members are very appreciative of their sponsor's support and value the relationships that have been formed. Sponsorship through civic and sports minded businesses, associations and individuals, such as our sponsors, assist the NMHA in keeping the cost of minor hockey at a reasonable level, so that all children, no matter their background, have an opportunity to play this game we are so passionate about. The NMHA encourages our members to use our sponsors businesses when shopping for goods and services.

A house league or competitive team sponsorship is $300.00. The sponsorship money is paid directly to the NMHA and it pays for such things as game ice, referee and timekeeper fees, and district membership. A portion of the funds also go directly to the team.

We are offering the sponsors the following in terms of advertising exposure:

Your sponsorship can be put toward a player or team of your choice, provided there is not already a sponsor for that team. The NMHA will ensure there is only one sponsor per team.

If you or someone you know is interested in receiving a sponsorship package, please contact Jodi Parker at or by phone at (613) 294-7614.

Team Sponsorship Information

Team Sponsorship Application

  1. The fee set for sponsorship of NMHA teams will be $300.00 per team for both house and competitive teams.
  2. All funds collected from sponsors go directly to the hockey office and are intended for the benefit of all players in the NMHA. The sponsor assigned to each team by the NMHA is the official sponsor for that team, and the only NMHA recognized official sponsor for that team.
  3. The sponsored team will receive a $50.00 credit towards their jersey deposit once all tags have been returned in good condition at the end of the team’s season. Sponsor tags that are missing or returned ripped, damaged or deformed in any way, must be replaced to match the set at a cost of $10 per tag, billed to the team.
  4. Teams are not permitted to solicit extra donations from assigned official team sponsors.
  5. The NMHA will provide the team with sponsor tags to be fitted onto each player’s sweaters. Sponsor tags must be stitched to the back of the sweater on the BOTTOM stripe, below the jersey number:
    1. White tags go on the white (home) sweater.
    2. Black tags go on the black or red (away) sweaters.
    3. Sponsor tags must be affixed to the team’s sweaters as noted above within two weeks of delivery, after which the team can be assessed a fine of $50.00 per appearance if all of the player’s tags are not in place.
  6. Whenever possible, and as appropriate, the sponsor’s name must be used in conjunction with the team name (i.e. NMHA “Myers Devils Peewee A Team D”) in all official team correspondence and tournament registrations.
  7. The coach, team manager, or other team official will pick up the sponsor tags at the hockey office.
  8. The team manager should provide the sponsor with a copy of the team’s schedule.
  9. Upon the completion of the season, the sponsor tags must be removed from the sweaters, carefully bundled and labeled in a separate bag with the return of the sweaters to the designated location.
  10. The NMHA will arrange to provide each team with a sponsor plaque made with the team photo. The sponsor plaque should be delivered to the sponsor by the team manager within a reasonable time of being made available at the hockey office.

Team Donation & Tournament Sponsorship Information

Team Donation & Tournament Sponsorship Agreement Form

  1. To defer tournament and other team costs all teams are permitted to seek additional funds for tournament sponsorship. The tournament costs that can be deferred include registration fees, coach’s expenses (as applicable) and team travel costs. Sponsorship limits, from all sources, are set at:
    • House League $2,500.00 per team
    • Competitive $6,000.00 per team
  2. Teams cannot approach current NMHA sponsors to solicit funds. A list of all current standing team sponsors can be found on the NMHA website.
  3. The NMHA will provide the team with a Donation & Tournament Sponsorship Agreement, authorizing the team to solicit additional sponsorship funds. This must be presented to and completed by all prospective donors and/or sponsors and submitted to the NMHA with the team budget. All amounts must be reported on the team budget with the accompanying documentation.
  4. A mid-year report for team fundraising and sponsorship must be submitted to the NMHA as part of their team’s budget by the deadlines as specified for each division. A year-end final report must be submitted to the NMHA by the appropriate deadlines for both competitive and house league.
  5. Unreported funds are a direct offence to the reporting procedures within the NMHA, therefore, teams will be fined the sum 50% of the sponsorship funds acquired and not reported. All financial records must be available at any time upon request.
  6. All donations and tournament sponsorship funds go to the entire team. The whole team should benefit, regardless of whom obtains the funds.
  7. Teams must only solicit what they require within their sponsorship limits. Surplus funds will be transferred to the NMHA and used to reduce ice and equipment costs for all minor hockey participants.
  8. Teams may create a team banner, team booklet or similar memento to provide recognition for a tournament sponsor. This banner or memento may only be used at the specified tournaments only and cannot be used during regular season or playoff games, in no way can it replace or supersede the team's official sponsor.

The NMHA encourages all our members to use our sponsors businesses when shopping for services.


Team Sponsorship Application

Team Donation & Tournament Sponsorship Agreement Form

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