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2020-2021 Registration


2020-2021 Registration Form and Waiver (Click Here)

Competitive Hockey Registration
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Registration Information for New Players to the NMHA (Read Below)

Registration Instructions

Nepean Minor Hockey – 2020-2021 Registration Instructions
Hockey registration in the NMHA is available only to players who reside within the boundaries of the Nepean Minor Hockey Association. New players will be required to present a completed registration form and waiver, as well as proof of age and proof of residence before registering.

Please note the  following sources of information:
HEO Minor Address Lookup Tool ( might have issues)– to verify  the  Association linked to a specific address.
Hockey Office Location and Hours

Division Birth Years and Fees:



Birth Year

Registration Fee

U7 (Initiation)


2016, 2015, 2014


U9 (Novice)


2013, 2012


U11 (Atom)


2011, 2010


U13 (Peewee)


2009, 2008


U15 (Bantam)


2007, 2006


U18 (Midget)


2005, 2004, 2003



Registration Requirements
All registrations must meet the following requirements before their registration for 2020-2021 will be accepted:

Returning Players:

Full payment of all current and outstanding registration and team fees.

New Players:

Registrations for new players are normally processed in-person at the NMHA office.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the NMHA has created a facility to permit new players to register in the system.


  1. Download a copy of the 2020-2021 registration form and waiver (link to form).
  2. Complete the information on the form and sign the waiver.
  3. Send a copy of the form to along with a copy of:
  4. Proof of Birth (birth certificate, passport, statement of live birth); and
  5. Proof of Residence (redacted lease or purchase agreement, hydro or other utility bill etc.)

Please note that the proof of birth and proof of residency will be used for verification purposes only and will not be retained in our records.

Scan and email works best but a legible smartphone photo is also acceptable.

The HEO Minor web site has an address location tool, found at might have issues). If you are unsure or have questions concerning in which Association you should register, please contact the NMHA Office. Players moving into the NMHA area will be required to provide proof of residence before registering. Players wishing to transfer into Nepean, while living elsewhere, will be required to obtain NMHA approval before completing the HEO Minor transfer process.
For U11 (Atom), U9 (Novice), and U7 (IP) Players – Proof of completion of the Respect in Sport (Parent) course.


Players trying out for Junior or AAA
Myers Automotive AAA hockey hopefuls must register with the NMHA to be eligible for AAA tryouts. Junior hockey hopefuls may register with the NMHA to ensure that they reserve registration in the NMHA, should they be released by a Junior team.
To guarantee registration, Junior or AAA hopefuls may register by paying a $25 non-refundable deposit, rather than the full amount. Players released back to Nepean from Junior or AAA must pay the remainder of their fees before attending any NMHA on-ice activities.

Methods of Payment:

1. The NMHA Office accepts payments by credit card, debit card, cash, or money order. Cheques will not be accepted.

2. Online registration requires a credit card. Online registration allows the user to spread payments over three months, with an initial deposit of $200 and then 3 equal payments on July 1, August 1, and September 1, charged automatically to the same card.

Online Registration and Payment (Credit Card Only)
To register a player online, the Hockey Canada Registry requires that the guardian or player sign in to, or create, a user account on their system and then register the player using the name, hockey ID number and date of birth information contained on the personalized registration form.

Competitive Hockey Registration
Nepean Minor Hockey – 2019-2020 Competitive Hockey Supplement
2020-2021 Competitive Hockey Supplement April 10, 2020

Nepean Minor Hockey offers competitive teams at AA, A, and B, depending on age levels.
U13 (PeeWee) and U15 (Bantam) AAA hockey
More information on AAA tryouts can be obtained from the Ottawa Myers Automotive AAA web site (

U18 (Midget) AAA hockey
U18 AAA hockey is offered by the HEO Midget AAA League and information on its tryouts can be found at

Please note the following sources of information about the NMHA and its registration
Hockey Office Location and Hours (
NMHA General Registration Information (

Players trying out for Junior or AAA
AAA hockey hopefuls must register with the NMHA to be eligible for AAA tryouts.
Junior hopefuls should reserve a registered spot with the NMHA, should they be released by a Junior team.
To guarantee registration, AAA and Junior hopefuls may register by paying a $25 non-refundable deposit.
Players released back to Nepean from Junior or AAA must pay the remainder of their fees before attending any NMHA on-ice activities.
Tryout Registration: Players can register for tryouts while registering for hockey online or by registering in person at the NMHA Hockey Office. Payment is by credit card, debit card, or money order.

Cheques are not accepted.

Tryout Refunds:
Players can withdraw from tryouts with a partial refund up to the day before tryouts begin.
Tryouts require a commitment of time and ice resources on the part of the NMHA, so withdrawals after tryouts begin are not eligible for a refund. The refund will be subject to an administration fee of 10%.
Tryout Schedules
Tryout ice and schedules will be communicated to participants in August of each season.
2020-2021 Registration Form and Waiver (Click Here)



Rowan's Law - Mandatory Acknowledgement Form prior to 2019-2020 Season

Legislative requirements under the implementation of Rowan’s Law by the Government of Ontario.


1. Please read the information below that pertains to the age of the player (You are, Coaching or helping with as Team Staff)
2. Once you have done that then fill out the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM and submit it electronically


What is Rowan’s Law?
Rowan Stringer was a 17-year old Ottawa varsity rugby player who died from sustaining multiple concussions resulting in a catastrophic swelling of the brain – second impact syndrome.  On March 7, 2018, Ontario passed Rowan's Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 and related amendments to the Education Act. However, it is important to understand that this applies to all Sport Organizations, schools, programs and businesses in the province.  This is not a hockey ‘thing’ – it is legislation (Ontario Regulation 161/19) from the Government of Ontario.   Attached to this email are the documents included in the OMHA centre mailing links found in the email below. OHF Rowan's Law Association Implementation OHF Rowan’s Law Acknowledgement Form 10 and Under Concussion Awareness Resource 11-14 Concussion Awareness Resource 15 and Over Concussion Awareness Resource More specific information and details are in the attached letter “OHF Rowan’s Law Association Implementation”.

Please read the information below on Rowan's Law and the legislative requirements:

In accordance with Rowan’s Law HEO Participants are required to confirm that they have reviewed the Concussion Awareness Resources at this website before that participant can register/participate in a sport.

RowansLaw-Ages 10 and Under.pdf
RowansLaw-Ages 11-14.pdf
RowansLaw-Ages 15 and Up.pdf

Rowans Law FAQ's

Please fill out the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM Below(will load in 10sec)


Registration Information for New Players to the NMHA

The NMHA does not permit online registration for new players. Please read the 2019-2020 Registration Information sheet and register either in person or by mail to the NMHA address noted here and in the Information Sheet, on or after June 1.

The NMHA registers only players who live within its boundaries (the old City of Nepean). If you are unsure about where to register, please refer to the interactive maps at the HEO Minor website.

All new players must provide proof of residence when registering. The following paragraphs assist with the process of registering. The description “Outside of the HEO Minor” includes all Associations under Hockey Canada, under USA Hockey, or any other international ice hockey federation.

If you HAVE played minor hockey outside of the HEO Minor

If you HAVE played minor hockey inside the HEO Minor, but not in the NMHA

 If you HAVE NEVER played in any Hockey Canada Associations

Mail the registration form along with a money order or cheque made payable to NMHA:

Nepean Minor Hockey Association
Room 203, 100 Malvern Drive
Walter Baker Sports Centre
Nepean, Ontario, Canada K2J 2G5 

Complete information can be found on the HEO Minor website.

Registration Fee Structure

Registration fees include all games and basic team practice ice for House League and Initiation Program players. Practice ice over and above that basic amount will be charged to the teams at the NMHA blended ice rate. Basic team practice ice is defined as approximately 12 hours for the age groups Novice to Bantam, and 6 hours in Midget. In keeping with prior practice, the discounted registration fee for a 4th or subsequent child will continue, but the family must still pay the practice ice portion of these rates ($125 per child). Practice ice assignments will be contingent on availability of both the ice and the team using it.

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made in writing to the: or the NMHA office.

All refunds are paid by NMHA cheque and must be collected from the NMHA office. The NMHA does not mail out refund cheques. Registered players transferring out to play in another Association will receive refunds, as noted above. The NMHA does not transfer fee payments to other organizations.

Players can withdraw from NMHA camps with a partial refund up to one (1) week before each camp session begins. Camps require a commitment of time and ice resources on the part of the NMHA, so withdrawals after a camp begins are not eligible for a refund. The refund will be subject to an administration fee of 10%.

There is an administration fee applied to all refunds based on the date that the Registrar or the NMHA office receives the written request, as detailed in the following table:

Timeframes Administration Fee
Before August 315% of registration fee paid
September 1 – October 1510% of registration fee paid
October 16 – November 3030% of registration fee paid
December 1 – January 10, 201850% of registration fee paid
After January 10, 2018NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON

Tryout Refunds: Players can withdraw from tryouts with a partial refund up to the day before tryouts begin. Tryouts require a commitment of time and ice resources on the part of the NMHA, so withdrawals after tryouts begin are not eligible for a refund. The refund will be subject to an administration fee of 10%.

Registration Payment Policy

In our continuing efforts to reduce the costs of operations, the Nepean Minor Hockey Association will no longer be accepting cheques for registration fees beginning with the 2017-2018 season.

Credit and Debit cards will be the only acceptable method of payment.

To register for the 2017-2018 we will offer 2 options:

  1. Online registration through the Hockey Canada registry database (credit card only).

    With this method, you can pay in full or select payment by installment with an initial payment of $200 and installments of 1/3 of the remaining balance July 1, August 1 and September 1.
  2. Payment in person at the NMHA office. The summer office hours will be Wednesdays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Cheques mailed or deposited at the office will not be processed.

Please note that cheques for team operations (e.g. sweater deposits, ice payments etc.) will still be accepted.

Any other methods of payment (e.g. financial assistance etc.), special arrangements can be made with the office.

Where the Registration Money is Spent

The following chart shows where the money is spent from registration fees. This is an average for all players in the Nepean Minor Hockey Association, but it reflects the percentages involved very accurately. The NMHA receives money from other sources, notably, sponsorships and bingo, but that money is mostly used to defray administrative costs and to offer specialized skills clinics to our members. This in turn helps the NMHA to keep fee increases to a minimum, as ice costs increase dramatically. As you can see, 57% of your registration fees are required just to pay for game and practice ice.

General NMHA Information

The NMHA supplies team sweaters, which MUST be returned at the end of the season. A deposit is required for a group of sweaters loaned to a team. This deposit is FULLY refundable at the end of the season, providing no damage has occurred to the sweaters. Sweaters can only be picked up for the whole team (not individually). NMHA sweaters are NOT to be worn during practices.

Goalie parents are responsible for providing goalie equipment for their child. The NMHA offers a goalie equipment rental service as one option. See the Goalie Equipment Rental web page for information on rates and office location. Goalie pads, blocker/trapper and chest protector can be rented. Goalie sticks and “cow-catchers” (i.e. plastic throat protector) are NOT available for rent and must be provided by the parent. One of the benefits of renting is that the goalie’s team is required to reimburse a portion of the rental cost once the season starts. The dates for season rentals are usually scheduled in late August / early September so the goalie can have the equipment in time for goalie conditioning camp (if applicable) and sort-out's. The dates and times are posted on the Goalie Equipment Rental web page by the first week in August. Summer rentals are also available. See the webpage for more information.

Once your child has been assigned to a House League or Competitive team, you will be asked for more $$$ to cover the costs of practice ice, exhibition games, tournament registrations, team parties, etc. These "team" fees are paid, to the team, in 3 or 4 installments over the course of the season.  A team meeting is held, at the beginning of the season, to discuss budgets, tournaments, coach's rules, etc. That is the time to voice your opinion to the Coach/Manager. If you strongly disagree with the budget, you have the option of removing your child from the team. Remember, the "majority rules" in any decision making process. House League teams can expect to pay up to a maximum of $350 per player, while added costs for Competitive teams range between $600 - $1,200 per player. These costs are approximate only. Some teams have been known to cost more. All these extra costs are solely at the discretion of the players' parents.

Questions pertaining to registration can be directed to Gail Wistaff at the Hockey Office (613-825-1590).

Moving Out Of or Into Hockey Eastern Ontario Minor?

If you are moving out of the HEO Minor area or into the HEO Minor area, please refer to the HEO Minor website for more information on the residency change and transfer process.

Volunteers Required

As the association is completely driven by volunteers, and the association continues to grow at a rapid pace; the need for volunteers continues to grow as well. The board needs your help, so please volunteer to help move this association forward for the kids. We all want the kids to play hockey and that can only occur if we all help to make it happen. During the registration process you will be able to volunteer to help.

Unlike many organizations, we do not insist on a payment in lieu of volunteering, but as we grow, the demand for volunteers keeps increasing.

The NMHA wants to ensure people understand what they are volunteering for when you sign up, and we are providing the following guidelines for the different positions available.

Click here to see a complete list of the types of volunteers that the NMHA requires.


Registration Information Sheet

Competitive Hockey Supplement

NMHA Code of Conduct

NMHA Waiver Form

HEO Minor Forms

Suspension Reporting

NMHA Officials Compliment/Complaint Form

NMHA New Officials Application Form 2018-2019

Affiliation Request

Respect in Sport - Parent Program

Gender Identity and Expression Course

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