Nepean Minor Hockey Association

House League Policies


Use of Team Fees Policy


The NMHA strives to ensure that all team funds are accounted for and are being spent responsibly


Teams are required to open a team bank account with two signing authorities. Personal bank accounts are not allowed to be used.

Team budgets must be approved by the team players/parents and then submitted to the HL Manager Liaison.

Teams can collect a maximum of $350 per player in extra fees (over and above hockey registration fees). Team fees can be collected in one or two installments. Team fees must be collected by all players by December 15. Team fees are not optional and are not based on player participation in tournaments, fundraising initiatives etc. Teams are NOT permitted to request monies above the $350 team fee. The only additional income for teams must be in the form of legitimate fundraisers and sponsorships (maximum sponsorship amount is $2500). Sponsorships and donations must be reported on the sponsorship form and submitted with the team budget to the HL Manager Liaison.

Allowable team budget expenses (requiring majority consent of players/parents)

  • Jersey deposit
  • Goalie equipment rental
  • Additional practice ice
  • Exhibition games (including ice rental, officials, etc)
  • Tournament Entry fees
  • Team Supplies (pucks, pylons, trainer kit, etc)
  • Team administration (labels, photocopying, website)
  • Social Expenses (ice breakers, year end party, player gifts, coaching gifts)

Non-allowable team budget expenses

  • Off-ice team clothing items are not mandatory and CAN NOT be paid for with team fees. All team clothing purchases are at the individual family discretion.
  • Transportation

Approved by Board: August 21 2017

Tie Breaker Policy

If two or more teams are tied in points at the conclusion of the round robin, ties will be broken in the following order of precedence: (once a tiebreaker has been applied it will not be revisited)

  1. Team with most wins overall;
  2. Winner of Head to Head (applicable if only two teams are tied; If three teams are tied it will be the team with the best point record in round robin games among the tied teams only)
  3. Team with best Goal Differential (goals for divided by goals for plus goals against) in Round Robin play;
  4. Team with most goals for in round robin play;
  5. Team with least goals against in round robin play;
  6. A single coin toss

Approved by Board: August 21, 2017

The Coaching and Ethical Philosophy of the NMHA

Access the The Coaching and Ethical Philosophy of the NMHA policy here

Team Additional Ice Repayment Policy

Teams are encouraged to purchase additional practice ice from the NMHA Available ice website. The costs for this ice is charged back to the team.

To discourage large balances, and instances where team IOUs exceed the amount of the jersey deposit that is held by the NMHA, the policy on repayment is as follows.

  1. All teams are required to pay off outstanding ice bills by February 1st, regardless of the amount owed
  2. Teams who have a balance of $500 owed, prior to the Feb 1st payment date, are required to pay off that balance immediately,
  3. Additional ice purchases are to be paid at the end of the Round Robin Playoffs.
  4. Teams advancing to the Semi Finals and Finals will be assigned additional practice ice at that time. Payment for those ice times can be deducted from the jersey deposit.

Teams who fail to pay off their extra ice balances by the deadlines, will not be permitted to purchase additional ice from the NMHA. Regular practice ice will continue to be assigned.

Approved: July 31, 2017

Repeat Penalty Rule (3 infractions)

Link to the rule in PDF format: Repeat Penalty Rule (3 infractions)

House League Coaching Staff Expense Policy

The intent of this policy is to provide structure to the process of reimbursing head coaches and their coaching staff for expenses incurred while traveling as a result of a team tournament. This applies only in the case of non-parent coaches, assistants and trainers. No travel reimbursement will be paid by House League teams to parent coaches, assistants and/or trainers.

All tournament plans and associated expenses are to be agreed upon by both the coaching staff and the team parents/guardians at the beginning of the season. These expenses must be included in the preliminary team budget presented to parents and submitted to the NMHA.

Tournament Travel:

A local tournament will be considered a tournament for which the team has not arranged overnight accommodations. Expenses for mileage, meals, etc. will not be reimbursed under this policy for local tournaments.

Tournament travel expenses can only be incurred and reimbursed for tournament games for which the team has arranged overnight hotel/motel accommodations.

Non-Parent Coaches:

  1. The per-tournament overnight rate is set to: actual hotel cost (including taxes) not exceeding $275 total cost.
  2. Meals will not be reimbursed.
  3. No mileage rate is provided.

Non-Parent Assistant Coaches and/or Trainers:

  1. No travel reimbursement will be paid by House League teams to non-parent assistants and/or trainers.

House League Affiliation

The NMHA believes strongly in the affiliate program and desires to see affiliated players used as often as possible.

Coaches requesting affiliation player must notify the affiliate player’s head coach prior to asking a player to affiliate. This is to ensure that suspensions and other issues are known and respected. Similarly, coaches using affiliated players must notify the affiliate's regular coaching staff following a game should injuries or suspensions occur. Team officials must respect this policy and make no effort to discourage affiliated players from participating with affiliated teams as a result of its implementation.

To this end the following guidelines must be followed:

  • Where there is no event conflict (the player’s regular team does not have a game, practice or other team function), it is not necessary to seek permission from the regular team's coach.
  • Where there is an event conflict, the following schedule of event priorities should be used. The team with the highest event priority will take precedence.
  • Where the event priorities are the same, the player’s regular team will take precedence.

6. League or playoff game.
5. Out-of-town tournament (where roster is depleted).
4. In-town tournament game.
3. Practice.
2. Exhibition game.
1. Off-ice team event

Each player may affiliate to higher level teams for a maximum of 10 games in any given season This limit applies to any and all levels to which they are affiliated. It is not 10 games affiliated to competitive and 10 to house league, it is 10 games total. Should a player play an eleventh (11th) such game with a higher level team, the coach of the higher level team will be suspended for three games and the affiliating team will lose any points gained in the subject game.

8.0 Affiliated Players

The Affiliation process is used to give players a chance to develop their skills by playing for a higher level team. Refer to Hockey Canada Regulation Part III E (Teams, Clubs and Affiliations) for affiliation rules.

These rules are further supplemented for play between teams in the HEO Minor as per the following paragraphs and as specified in Appendix B

The Affiliation process is used to give players a chance to develop their skills by playing for a higher level team. Refer to Hockey Canada Regulation Part III E (Teams, Clubs and Affiliations) for affiliation rules. These rules are further supplemented for play between teams in the HEO Minor as per the following paragraphs and as specified in Appendix B.

a) Suspensions are to be served with the lower category team, regardless of which team the player incurred the suspension with.
b) Novice players are permitted to affiliate to Atom level Competitive teams.
c) A coach cannot deny a player the opportunity to affiliate
d) When houseleague players (Novice level or higher) are affiliating with competitive teams, they may only affiliate with the lowest competitive category team.
e) Minor Aged Players – A minor aged player assigned to a major aged team may affiliate to a higher category minor team for league purposes only within the HEO Minor Branch. Note that this rule applies only within the HEO Minor and does not apply to tournaments or exhibition games.
f) Supplement to Hockey Canada Policy B 42- 44. As a general rule no replacement can be made for any ill or injured players by a player of the same Division and Category. The only exception to this rule is the emergency replacement of a goaltender from the same division and category, when no affiliated goalie is available. The replacement must come from within the same district. Written permission must be obtained from the District Chairman (or designate) and with a doctor‟s note restricting the team‟s regular goalie from playing for a specified period.
g) A player affiliating to a higher age classification may play below his letter classification at the higher age level except for affiliating to the house “C” level where this level is for developmental purposes. This paragraph refers to house league only.

Exhibition Games

What are the rules and procedures for playing an exhibition game?


  1. Teams may only play exhibition games against sanctioned teams. A sanctioned team is one that is recognized by and registered through Hockey Canada or another official hockey body (Hockey USA, other international hockey bodies). All Star, spring hockey, pick up or mixed teams are not considered sanctioned teams.
  2. No team within the Corporation (NMHA) may play a game or practice with a school, church or other hockey team, except those teams that are within a league which is sanctioned by a branch of Hockey Canada or USA Hockey.
  3. Games of players versus parents, or games of House League versus Competitive/Representative players are forbidden.
  4. Teams may play tournament or exhibition games outside of HEO Minor boundaries, which would specifically include any games in Quebec or the U.S., only after acquiring an approved travel permit beforehand.
  5. Certified Officials (referees/linesmen) and Official game sheets are to be used for all league, exhibition and tournament games.
  6. All regular rules for team rosters, team discipline, fair play, and affiliation apply as if it were a regular season game.
  7. Suspensions handed out during an exhibition game will be served as per the Code of Discipline and carry forward to regular season game play.


  1. Acquire the ice for the game by purchasing it on your own, using practice ice assigned by your league Convenor, or obtaining extra ice from the NMHA Available Ice Site:
  2. Book the required referees/linesmen based on your level of play through this email:
  3. Prepare a game sheet through the normal procedures as per a regular season game, and make sure to have a scorekeeper and timekeeper.
  4. The referees will sign the game sheet as per normal procedures. Any suspensions must be reported within 24 hours on the NMHA website as per normal for a regularly scheduled game.

House League Transfers

As standard practice, the Nepean Minor Hockey Association does not approve transfers to, or from, other Districts.

The NMHA does approve competitive tryout transfers out to other Districts at competitive AA, A, and B as described in the HEO Minor Rules and Regulations - see the Competitive Policy statement.

However, in certain special circumstances, the Nepean Minor Hockey Association will approve a House League transfer, on a case-by-case basis.

These circumstances include:

1.       House League players who attempt to register in Nepean, but cannot do so, due to waiting lists.

2.       Players who have geographic or custody issues. These may include (but are not limited to): residency in close proximity to another District or equal shared custody arrangements.

In every case, the player must register as a Nepean player (with or without fees, depending on waiting lists) and then receive an approved transfer to the non-resident District. The transfer form must be signed by the non-resident District and Association first, before Nepean will sign.

Players who sort out into House A Divisions that include body-checking and who do not wish to play in a body-checking division, will be expected to play in the non-contact B Division at that age level. The NMHA will offer a non-contact B Division at Peewee only. Players in Bantam and Midget who sort into the A Division can request a transfer to another District as noted above, provided that the non-resident District and Association approve.

As stated in HEO Minor Regulations, transferred players may neither try out for, nor affiliate with, nor register with any higher level teams.

The decision of the NMHA on these matters may be appealed via the HEO Minor Discipline and Appeal process.

NMHA House League Program

Bodychecking Information Sheet

Manager's Manual

House League Mentoring Staff

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Goalie Mentor:
Ken Lothian

For further information on these policies, please contact the House League Chair as listed on the NMHA Contacts page.

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