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Scotty´s Vest

Scotty´s Vest

We've all come to know SCOTT (KENNEDY) HALL – an 11 year old hockey player in our midst. Every time “Scotty” steps on the ice he displays a courage and resilience that touches our hearts and we all find ourselves rooting for him.

Scotty has cystic fibrosis. He has probably been more challenged by complications from CF this past year than ever before in his young life. He is back at CHEO again. His latest stay in hospital was delayed because he simply told the CF Team at CHEO that he wanted to go to try-outs before he came in for a stay that could last up to six weeks.

Scotty needs a device known as a “vest”. You can read all about it at:

The vest costs $16,000 USD – only available from the USA and is not paid for through OHIP.

He has had the use of a vest however, on a short-term loan or sharing basis. Friends of Scotty's grandparents are hosting a fund-raiser in Johnstown, ON, on September 6th, at the Grenville Recreation Centre, Johnstown, ON, where they hope to raise funds towards the purchase of his vest. We were asked for Silent Auction items but we truly thought that Scotty's hockey community should be able to help with this fund-raiser back here in Nepean/Ottawa. Wouldn't it be great if we could help raise the funds for Scotty to get his vest NOW … and combine these with the initiative in Johnstown?

To make a donation for their Silent Auction or a donation of money, get in touch with me by return e-mail. We can use an e-mail campaign to make this happen: please spread the word to your hockey/community mailing lists so we can help get Scotty his vest and see him back in an NMHA jersey really soon!

Please make cheques payable to “Scott Hall In Trust” and get them to us in a labelled, sealed envelope. If you prefer, do the same with cash, but cheques are preferable.

We look forward to hearing from you … the official fund-raiser is September 6th, in Johnstown, but we'd like to give that one a BIG boost.

Fred & Kristin Parker

613 240 7288 (Fred's Cell) / 613 851 1971 (Kristin's Cell)

Update on Scott's health: although he is at home right now, it is because the side effects of the meds necessary to knock out the fungus in his lungs has elevated his liver enzymes and treatment has been stopped for now. Another bump in the road for Scotty.

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