Nepean Minor Hockey Association

General NMHA Information

General NMHA Information

The NMHA supplies team sweaters, which MUST be returned at the end of the season. A deposit is required for a group of sweaters loaned to a team. This deposit is FULLY refundable at the end of the season, providing no damage has occurred to the sweaters. Sweaters can only be picked up for the whole team (not individually). NMHA sweaters are NOT to be worn during practices.

Goalie parents are responsible for providing goalie equipment for their child. The NMHA offers a goalie equipment rental service as one option. See the Goalie Equipment Rental web page for information on rates and office location. Goalie pads, blocker/trapper and chest protector can be rented. Goalie sticks and “cow-catchers” (i.e. plastic throat protector) are NOT available for rent and must be provided by the parent. One of the benefits of renting is that the goalie’s team is required to reimburse a portion of the rental cost once the season starts. The dates for season rentals are usually scheduled in late August / early September so the goalie can have the equipment in time for goalie conditioning camp (if applicable) and sort-out's. The dates and times are posted on the Goalie Equipment Rental web page by the first week in August. Summer rentals are also available. See the webpage for more information.

Once your child has been assigned to a House League or Competitive team, you will be asked for more $$$ to cover the costs of practice ice, exhibition games, tournament registrations, team parties, etc. These "team" fees are paid, to the team, in 3 or 4 installments over the course of the season.  A team meeting is held, at the beginning of the season, to discuss budgets, tournaments, coach's rules, etc. That is the time to voice your opinion to the Coach/Manager. If you strongly disagree with the budget, you have the option of removing your child from the team. Remember, the "majority rules" in any decision making process. House League teams can expect to pay up to a maximum of $350 per player, while added costs for Competitive teams range between $600 - $1,200 per player. These costs are approximate only. Some teams have been known to cost more. All these extra costs are solely at the discretion of the players' parents.

Questions pertaining to registration can be directed to Gail Wistaff at the Hockey Office (613-825-1590).

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