Nepean Minor Hockey Association

Registration Information for Returning and New Players to the NMHA

Registration Information for Returning and New Players to the NMHA

Returning Players please follow the instructions on the Registration page.
(Click Here)

Players new to hockey:

Registrations for players who have not played organized hockey are normally processed in-person at the NMHA office.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the NMHA has created a facility to permit these new players to register in the system.

1. Download a copy of the 2020-2021 registration form and waiver (Click Here).
2. Complete the information on the form and sign the waiver.
3. Send a copy of the form to along with a copy of:
4. Proof of Birth (birth certificate, passport, statement of live birth); and
5. Proof of Residence (redacted lease or purchase agreement, hydro or other utility bill etc.)

Please note that the proof of birth and proof of residency will be used for verification purposes only
and will not be retained in our records.Scan and email works best but a legible smartphone photo is also acceptable.

The HEO Minor web site has an address location tool, found at If you are unsure or have questions concerning in which Association you should register, please contact the NMHA Office. Players moving into the NMHA area will be required to provide proof of residence before registering. Players wishing to transfer into Nepean, while living elsewhere, will be required to obtain NMHA approval before completing the HEO Minor transfer process.

For U11 (Atom), U9 (Novice), and U7 (IP) Players – Proof of completion of the Respect in Sport (Parent) course.

The NMHA registers only players who live within its boundaries (the old City of Nepean). If you are unsure about where to register, please refer to the interactive Minor Hockey maps at the HEO website.

All new players must provide proof of residence when registering. The following paragraphs assist with the process of registering. The description “Outside of the HEO” includes all Associations under Hockey Canada, under USA Hockey, or any other international ice hockey federation, but not within HEO.

If you HAVE played minor hockey outside of the HEO Minor

If you HAVE played minor hockey inside the HEO Minor, but not in the NMHA

If you HAVE NEVER played in any Hockey Canada Associations
- You must register according to the process for players new to hockey (see above).
- You will need to provide proof of residence and a copy of the player’s birth certificate.

Complete information can be found on the HEO Minor website.

General NMHA Information

The NMHA offers a goalie equipment rental service. See the Goalie Equipment Rental web page for information on rates and office location. Goalie pads, blocker/trapper and chest protector can be rented. Goalie sticks and “cow-catchers” (i.e. plastic throat protector) are NOT available for rent and must be provided by the parent. One of the benefits of renting is that the goalie’s team is required to reimburse a portion of the rental cost once the season starts. The dates for season rentals are usually scheduled in late August / early September so the goalie can have the equipment in time for goalie conditioning camp (if applicable) and sort-out's. The dates and times are posted on the Goalie Equipment Rental web page by the first week in August. Summer rentals are also available. See the webpage for more information.

Questions pertaining to registration can be directed to Gail Wistaff or Janet Shouldice at the Hockey
Office Phone Number (613-825-1590).


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