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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to play hockey in Nepean?

Follow this link to the Registration page. It contains lots of information on the overall process.

Where can I find manuals, rule books, instructional information, etc?

CHA Regulations, Hockey Eastern Ontario (HEO Minor) Regulations, Referee Case Books, Referee Pocket Rule books, updated Regional Tournament lists and other such material are ONLY available at the Hockey Eastern Ontario offices (1247 Kilborn Place, Suite 300, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 6K9; Phone: (613) 224-3589, Fax: (613) 224-GOAL (224-4625); Hours - Monday-Thursday 3:30PM to 7 PM and Saturday 9-NOON). There is a charge for any of these items.

The CHA offices, at 1600 James Naismith Drive in Gloucester, also sells manuals and many more items, including instructional material.

The NMHA office, at Walter Baker, has Manager's Manuals, CHA Injury forms, Tournament Travel Permits, "loaner" videos, souvenir items, NMHA socks, some Tournament applications & lists and extra CHA Game Sheets (at cost - sheets for all regular season games are provided to teams via the convener). If you need more info, visit the office and ask.

Why do NMHA members not attend the AGM (Annual General Meeting)?

Good question! Is it because the hockey season is over (May), and nobody wants to think about hockey for awhile? Is it because parents feel it won't make a difference? Is it apathy? Do we need a "drawing card"? Maybe we should get some entertainment? (Oops...I forgot! It's always entertaining!)

Whatever the reason, it's been this way for many years, and probably a statement on today's society. Everyone's too busy. I do know that it was the ONLY way I could get answers to questions from various people in one place. The AGM is the ONLY place where association members can change things by submitting motions and voting on them, WITHOUT being on the Board of Directors.

The bottom line here is that parents need to attend the AGM if they want to have a say in how this association is run. Better yet, if they join the NMHA Board, they get to actually "run" the association!

Who are the Hockey contacts that I need to deal with?

The Contacts page contains a list of all the names, phone numbers and email addresses (where available) of all NMHA Board members, Directors, Conveners, Referee & Timekeeper coordinators, Arenas, League contacts, Equipment contacts, etc. If you are still not sure who to contact, after looking over the page, contact Gail in the Hockey office (825-1590), or send email to

How are NMHA Tournaments organized?

Years ago, the NMHA Board organized tournaments for all teams (Competitive and House League). The tournament director, and usually 1 or 2 helpers, were assigned ice, advertised, obtained "sanctioning", contacted associations, scheduled the games, gathered fees, sponsors & prizes and tried to get team parents to volunteer during the various tournaments. This entire process was a MAJOR undertaking, and consumed HUNDREDS of hours of work for the 2-3 individuals who volunteered. Getting volunteers, at the tournament, was difficult, and the organizers usually ended up working from 6AM until midnight each day of a tournament. In some cases, teams were "booked" into other more prestigious tournaments, before the NMHA schedule was released (mainly Competitive teams), and they refused to participate in their own tournament.

It was decided to make individual teams (Competitive) and (HL) responsible for organizing their own tournaments. Competitive team managers and House League directors/conveners are now prime, but the tournament director still allocates the ice, on a "first come, first served" basis, assists with queries & forms, obtains "sanctioning" from HEO Minor and oversees the entire operation.

At competitive levels, the individual teams make all the decisions on how many and which teams will be entered (based on their ice allocation), what the prizes will be, schedules, fees (fundraiser or break-even), volunteer assignments, correspondence, supplies, etc. Many competitive teams, lately, are choosing to participate in other tournaments, rather than host their own.

House League directors, conveners and teams do all of the above PLUS they decide internally how many NMHA teams, per division, will be in a tournament. Not all teams, in a division, can participate, as there is not enough ice, AND the teams want to play teams from other associations. As stated in the Discussion forum, the fairest way of deciding which teams participate is to "draw numbers from a hat". Those who do not get "picked" have to apply to other association tournaments.

Finally, anyone who does organize a tournament must submit a report on the tournament's finances (an accounting of the revenue and expenses) to the Tournament Director. This information is critical to ensure that the NMHA be transparent and accountable, especially in the cases where a city licensed "raffle" is associated with a tournament.

How do I become a referee or timekeeper within the NMHA, and how old must I be?

Information on becoming a referee or timekeeper is posted on the NMHA refs website. It has information under the FAQ section that will assist you.

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