Nepean Minor Hockey Association


Board of Directors

Position Name & Email Phone
President 613-868-3265
Vice President (House) 613-299-0878
Vice President (Competitive) 613-825-6035
Vice President (Operations) 613-868-3469
Vice President (Finance) 613-825-4757
Director at Large 613-823-2614
Director at Large  
Director at Large  
Past President 613-226-7953
Registrar (Non Voting) 613-435-3782
Referee-In-Chief (Non Voting) 613-327-7818
District Chair 613-226-7953

House Program

Position Name & Email Phone
Vice President (House) 613-299-0878
U7 Division Director  
U7 Coach  
U9 Division Director  
     U9 A Convenor
     U9 B Convenor
     U9 C Convenor
U11 Division Director  
     U11 A Convenor      
     U11B Convenor    
     U11 C Convenor    
U13 Division Director    
     U13 A Convenor    
     U13 B Convenor    
    U13 C Convenor    
U15 Division Director    
     U15 A Convenor    
     U15 B Convenor    
     U15 C Convenor    
U18 Division Director    
     U18 A Convenor  
    U18 B Convenor    
U21 Division Director  
Tournament Coordinator  
Manager Liaison  
Mentorship Coordinator Tom Jones  
Coach Mentor  

Competitive Program

Position Name & Email Phone
Vice President (Competitive) 613-825-6035
U9 Convenor  
U11 Convenor  
U13 Convenor  
U15 Convenor  
U18 Convenor  
Manager Liaison   613-219-4962
Competitive Ice Scheduler  
AA/A League Rep Claude Provost/Keith Ellard  
B League Rep 613-825-6035
Tryout Coordinator 613-825-6035
Technical Director Bob Byrnes  

Operations Program

Position Name & Email Phone
Vice President (Operations) 613-868-3469
Sweater Coordinator 613-299-4026
Technical Coordinator  
Ice Scheduler  
Communications 613-294-7614
Risk & Safety Coordinator  
Discipline Coordinator (Suspensions)  
Affiliation 613-614-9138
NMHA Office 613-295-8865

Other Useful Contacts

Position Name & Email Phone
Goalie Equipment  
NMHA Bingo Contact
Social Media Coordinator
Twitter: @nmharefs
Director of Officials/ Alt. RIC 613-866-6983
Timekeeper Coordinator 613-828-4953
Game Incident Reports and Appeals Coordinator 613-866-2959
Referee & Timekeeper Assigner 613-823-7732
AA/A Referee-In-Chief 613-521-7229


Position Name & Email Phone
Bell Arena Bob Henry 613-828-9629
Merivale Arena Tracy King 613-224-3168
Sportsplex   613-727-6683
    Room Bookings Diane Laderoute 613-580-2424
    Facility Head Ross Rankin 613-580-2424
Walter Baker SC   613-825-2460
    Room Bookings Sheila Lackie 613-580-2424
    Lead Hand 613-580-2424

Suspension Reporting

NMHA Officials Compliment/Complaint Form

NMHA New Officials Application Form 2018-2019

Affiliation Request

Respect in Sport - Parent Program

Gender Identity and Expression Course

Available Ice